A signer accused me of stealing their personal Information

So after completing a signing a left and stopped at the front of the complex pulling to the side where there was a uhaul place. I took the paper out of my bag and went over them for a third time. So the husband apparently had to go somewhere and ended up pullling up beside me to see me looking through the papers. I told him i was only double checking but started yelling and saying what are you doing with my info… blah blah blah YOU WANT MY INFORMATION YOU CROOK . He said he was going to call his lender as he went back to his vehicle to get his phone i suppose… i drove off in a hurry…

I guess i wont triple check and for now on i will seal up docs at the table

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It’s a shame that some people get all their exercise by jumping to conclusions. Sounds like you have a solution to that problem.

WOW because he’s arab? that says more about you than him


So out of everything that’s all you focus on? You must love drama.

Well my first thought was go home or somewhere and go over them then drop them off. but yeah my real take away was the racist coment sorry.


so are you saying i shouldn’t have felt that way?

You were scared he was gonna bomb you? I’m not trying to cause drama but doesn’t that sound racist? It’s 2021 you gotta call it out when you see it.

And I double check everything 2 or 3 times at the table with the borrowers. Unless I have scanbacks I don’t want to look at those documents again. I’m moving on to the next job.


Wow! I have no words, other than this statement is uncalled for.

i will be doing the same form here on out.

Do you even care to stay on focus at all?

I don’t see why all the above post have an issue with your post??? Where is the racist comment?

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It was probably removed by Admin - they monitor this site closely which is why I love this site.


I seen that persons comment about you in the other thread.

I always tell them I will be in there driveway for 5-10 minutes to triple check the documents. That way they know before you leave the table and they wont wonder why you are still sitting there.


I double check at the table 100% of the time. Even in doing the same packages there are times when someone jumps up from the table to answer the phone or check on a baby, etc. In that instance a signature goes missing. Initials can be pesky and even in working with the same Escrow company, some Lenders require them and some do not.

I only close out a signing from the driveway and don’t enjoy that either because I feel my signers want to think everything is taken care of and they can relax. Delaying in the driveway might cause them to worry and with some neighborhoods, not the safest thing to do.

I was recently at a signing where another notary was signing with a relative of my signer. She checked the documents and then cheerfully slid the docs into the UPS envelop and sealed it shut in front of the signer and ran off to her next signing. Some distrustful signers will ask you to let them ship the documents. I only allowed this once and was called on the carpet by the middleman scheduling company. I figured in a seller’s package my signer was either gung-ho to get the money or perhaps wanting to make absolutely sure that package got sent. She actually ran up to the car while I was closing out the assignment and asked me for the documents. Very awkward. Next time I will say that I am not allowed to surrender a signed set of documents to anyone without the Lender’s permission.
I think in the case of our notary, he was new and made the signers nervous. The borrower jumped in the car to make sure that packet went to FedEx and when it didn’t, grew alarmed.

It’s rare to have someone this nervous but sometimes you have so see the other person’s concern. We are no longer signing in Title offices, so there is some anxiety over the whole thing for some signers.



Did you maybe miss the article? I don’t see any comment on nationality??

The comment was edited/deleted. IT definitely shouldn’t be used in a professional setting.

On topic, You shouldn’t go through someone’s file on your own post closing. Run through it once you’re done signing then seal docs and ship them or scan them, seal the ship. Looking at docs in a car alone looks sketchy.

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I too, now inspect all documents BEFORE I LEAVE THE SIGNING TABLE! I never (well, rarely) miss sigs, initials, dates anymore because I scrutinize all docs thoroughly as they are signed and once again, completely after signing is concluded at the table. I explain upon commencement of the signing ceremony that I will be doing this to ensure nothing gets overlooked. The borrowers always understand and appreciate my diligence.
I’m often surprised at what I catch before I leave - I get missing sigs, etc. right then and there. I never sit in a parking lot or driveway to check docs. I do check them once more when I return to my ready desk at home, however, just to be sure.
Go backs cured me of oversights.

Where does she mention that he’s Arab? I didn’t see it

it was taken down by admin