A signer accused me of stealing their personal Information

I’m not sure if this is the same thing but first, I never review docs in the signers’ driveway or in front of their house and when I text SD to let them know the signing is complete, I do that down the road somewhere vs sitting in front of the signers’ house since I don’t want them to wonder/worry about what I’m doing.

No matter how polite they are, when I walk out, they generally believe the signing is over and I don’t prolong the suspense by sitting in front of their house fiddling with docs or my phone.

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Bobby, you and I went to the same “notary school” haha

I do EXACTLY what you do…during the initial signing process I watch carefully as they sign but sometimes distractions can and do happen. And, then after all pages have been signed, immediately, AT THE TABLE, check them again stating “Just to make sure nothing was missed”.

Every customer appreciates this (or at least understands why this should be done) and usually pick up their their smart phones to check on messages while I do my QA since I asked them politely to refrain from engaging with their phones during the signing.

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You have to contact the service when you’re done???

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Yes, both signing companies and title/lender companies are eager to know that the signing was executed successfully.

A quick text back to SD, letting the signing company know that the ‘signing completed, no issues, have photo ID’s, voided check and Cashiers check [if applicable]’ is appreciated, especially since often they have staff waiting for the posted docs so they can begin their follow-up processes. If there was an issue that could make a difference, I let them know and they are on the phone with title/lender while I am enroute the office.

If this was not expected, I’d probably be doing this, anyway, since everyone in the chain wants to be kept informed…it takes all of two or so minutes so why not let them know the event concluded successfully and they can begin their end of things in short order.

If you don’t have to do this and/or are not expected to, then “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!”

Always recheck at the signing table. If you don’t have time, do not recheck out in public even in your car. :+1:

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The inappropriate comment surrounding his ethnicity should not have been said . However , I would have drove off too considering you never know what people are capable of regardless . So simply driving away to an open public parking lot or businesses to call and inform the lender or title company what just happened with the borrower and explain you were double checking documents. I like to make sure everything is correct as many times as possible so I have unsealed a package and rechecked before sending off a couple of times. In the case the signing is a hour away from home I will sit in their driveway to make sure I have everything correct. Honestly the borrower may have had a right to be upset ( not knowing what was going on with the information ) but he they should’ve trusted the process and called the lender title first. I am a professional but I do not play about the disrespect at all . There’s a way and a time and coming up on anyone yelling and shouting is not it . My safety is first . Kindly remove yourself then proceed.

I always tell the signer(s) Okay guys I am checking the documents a couple of times to make sure we did not miss anything, before I leave because I know you do not want to see me again; they always laugh and say you are welcome anytime LOL for some reason they feel better.

This is why I always go over docs once before I leave the table. I also package docs in shipping envelope with label, ready to drop at FedEx/UPS. This takes any doubt away and keeps any accusations from forming in a persons mind. Remember, we live in a day where people are living in so much fear that the smallest thing can trigger the most dramatic response. Remove all of this fear by going over do\cs before you leave the home and make sure they are sealed in front of the borrower.

This is why I NEVER book my schedule so close that I dont have plenty of time to have a sealed package BEFORE I leave the home. Just makes sense.

Good afternoon,
I would like to contribute to the conversation! I feel that when people are conducting business such as documents pertaining to their home, then sometimes other things are going on internally! I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience, but I feel there was something going on beyond your interaction with the borrower! Everyone has different levels of emotional intelligence and you have to remain calm and professional! We are compensated for our ability to manage paperwork and personalities! I’m sorry about your experience:(!


Tell me where the racist comment is??
He said, “YOU WANT MY INFORMATION YOU CROOK . He said he was going to call his lender as he went back to his vehicle to get his phone i suppose… i drove off in a hurry…”

Unless you mean someone calling you a CROOK, makes you racist… I don’t get it.

The pandemic notaries have arrived

Going down the road is a great idea. I honestly don’t even feel comfortable parking in their driveway. I always look for nearby street parking and avoid their driveway. I won’t look at the documents in my car where they can see me doing so.

@anaheim_notary the post in question has been removed. This is not the offensive post.

I found that it’s best to thoroughly check the docs before leaving the signing table. If I don’t have scan-backs, I seal the docs in the courier envelope at the signing table. This gives the signer(s) a sense of peace in knowing that the docs will not be handled/accessed again, until they reach their destination.

Hi . Everyone calm down. I learned something from this post although i did not see the reference to his nationality. I usually DO pull over because i have to keep from driving and texting. All these signing companies want to know you have finished the signing and how it went, so i have to update. Then you get texts for new signings and have to accept or decline. I think it’s a good idea to do this before you leave the area. I usually tell the buyer that if i have to scan docs back and notice there is an error, that i will gladly return and correct the problem. So they know i’m going to look at the docs again. I also let them know i’m very protective of their Personal info. I think the signer jumped to conclusions because of what he perceived by her/his demeanor…like clerks that take too much time with your credit card. She may not have gotten the clue he was like that. But what did i learn? Don’t hang around the house or apartment. Just go to the nearest restaurant parking lot.
; )

Something that occurred to me today while driving through the countryside on my Census Bureau rounds:

I’m guessing this guy didn’t think this through completely…because if he had he’d have realized that you showed up with his loan docs in hand to be signed and had all the time in the world prior to arriving to leach any info you wanted

Just a thought in my mind’s ramblings

Hello everyone. I read the original post and re-read the thread again. I’d like to offer some food for thought. Yes, the nationality comment was uncalled for as it had nothing to do with bad behavior. Keeping in mind we have had training and mentoring from several sources that suggest several processes including reviewing docs at the table, in the car [not in front of the home], etc.; There’s no one way to do this job, we just need to be mindful of the sensitive data and be safe.