Adding print or faxback fees

Scenario: Closing notification is sent with $85 closing fee and no other information. Most times your option is to accept or decline. If accepting, when is it best to negotiate a printing fee and a faxback fee if applicable? Is it after you have been assigned the closing?

It depends on the platform. Most, like SnapDocs have Accept, Decline AND Counteroffer options. You can always counteroffer if the fee is too low. In the example that you gave I would assume that the $85 fee includes printing 2 sets of documents (one to sign and one to leave with the borrower, because the majority of signings require that you print documents) and no faxbacks (because it is normally stated in the notification if fax backs are needed). So, if you are ok with the $85 fee including printing and no faxbacks then accept the offer, and then if you are selected immediately verify with the contracting company exactly what is needed and renegotiate the fee at that time if you require a higher amount to provide the service that they are requesting. Or decline the assignment at that time if they are unwilling to meet the amount that you want.

this is why i love snapdocs. they put it up front that fax backs are or are not required.

you will get to know the companies that try to jack you around on fax backs and large packages. i only charge extra on large packages 200 pages+ (x 2). like… reverse mortgages…they are usually so huge.

fyi…just in my opinion… i DO NOT DO DEBT SETTLEMENTS… if you read the documents…they actually are trying to get the person to file bankruptcy. and the signers ALWAYS ask me my opinion of what they are doing! i cannot close them…i have too much integrity to do them. just my personal opinion.

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