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Hello everyone, I really have a problem when people use this notary business to try to sale worthless programs to us. I just wanted to let you all know that there is a lady on youtube promoting a Executive loan signing marketing program to us on Youtube. She charges almost 200.00 for the course. I wanted to let you all know don’t waste your money. I printed out each page she has in each training module and it was litterly 30 pages. What a rip off the only thing that may be woth anything is the list you get at the end of the course for you to contact title companies outside of your state, but you an market yourself this way dirrectly to the Title companies when you send back the loan packets from the Signing Service companies. Just a warning don’t waste your money the course actually seems like all she did was went to thre library or purchased a book on marketing and reworded it to fit our services. I really have problem when people do this, they want to sell us something that has no real substance.

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Do you feel like you should be able to get a refund from her?

There is one LSA who has signed only a few signings and she is already writing on how to start and you can book a one-hour phone appointment to get her knowledge.

I get it. A lot feel scammed because they came to the industry so late and all they can get is a couple of $35 signings.

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I had not thought about reaching out to her and asking for my money back, but that is an idea. I did not think about it because anytime someone wants to hussle you out of your money they usally don’t want to give back the money however I will persue it and if she does not respond i can always reach out to my bank. Don’t be scammed by her I feel like there is room to create a real marketing course but it has to have some substance

Thank you for letting us know! I was just about to sign up for her course, and something told me to look up reviews.

You can expect to see more of this as real estate slows and interest rates go up.

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