ALERT: Hendricks Group => Law Office Rip off Company - AKA Oak Tree Law AKA Avner and Kaufman AKA XPLS Legal

I was contacted by a law office saying it was Hendicks Group, however when I call the voicemail says Oak Tree Law which I know to be a rip off company. I did a signing for them and never got paid. I have been calling and emailing and still haven’t heard back anything… Please Be Aware of This Company!


@ir_patterson et. al. Definitely BEWARE.

There are multiple threads about the less than stellar business practices of Oak Tree/Oak Tree Law.
So, not surprising that they would “introduce” themselves under a different name . . .

Here are a few examples (see below):



The NNA told me to make an complaint with secretary of state about any companies that doesn’t make payments.


The documents sent over said Hendricks Group so now I’m spectacle of most law firms. I was contacted by another law company that paid me the next day and they was no notation needed, so I can’t say ALL law firm!

The SoS will not help you collect. However, if it’s a law firm, report them to your state’s Bar Association


I say we get up a posse and amble on over there and impress 'em with a branding iron!


Linda’s got the right idea. Generally, you just need to threaten to contact the local Bar Assoc. I like Bobby4913’s idea, too. LOL


@Bobby-CA believes in true justice :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I was contacted in March this year by the same law firm, the Hendricks. Their legal assistant whose name is Madison, called me to see if I could do a quick signing basically just general notary work for $65 same day. I did it. She got my name off of here, Notary café. After 30 days, I contacted her and after several emails, I finally got a check 2 weeks ago. But I had to threaten I was reporting them to the SOS. It took me a while to collect that money and You just have to keep contacting them.


Yes Madison is the same people who contacted me too… we shouldn’t have to threatening someone to get such low fees. When i called the SOS they said they couldn’t do anything about it. Over the past months I’ve stopped taking orders and i remember why… Notary sucks!

I have gotten those types of offers, but I always verify things. The law office I worked for prepaid for my services, that eliminated any problems.

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YES SIR! Always verify before you deny! I can’t believe how many people lost work because they refused a job offer from a “GMAIL” email address! The same way we read and interpret notary instructions applies to reading an email. The rest is GOOGLE!

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I have worked for a few law firms and they just won’t pay on time, I have to repeatedly go after them. I don’t know what their deal if but not wasting any more time .

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Now you know why rats and attorneys are always mentioned in the same joke…

Lawyers and Rats


“The National Institutes of Health announced it will no longer use rats for medical experimentation. In their place, the NIH will use lawyers.
The NIH gave three reasons for this decision:

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I completed one for the Hendricks group a couple weeks ago and it was a same day rush job an Adrew Davis requested it, promised to pay right away Paypal or Square. Completed the job and now they are not returning any messages regarding payment. I wish I would have checked here first. Lesson learned I guess, I just hope they don’t rip off the people I notarized for as well. It was a claim for money owed after property sold on foreclosure and left a balance owed to family.

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(CA) I wonder how many attorneys will engage the services of WeOC after that blast. Better than 50% of my GNW comes from attorneys, good ones. Thanks for sending the work my way.

Sorry you got burned, Kris.

Thanks for the head’s up. I have worked for a number of law firms and they always pay. One paid by Zelle within two days of completing the job (I did three assignments with them) and one mailed a check within a week. Another one involved a domestic dispute where I was the notary on a refi. I received a surprise check for travel expenses later when I attended a deposition with both parties present. If you are going to offer GN services, some of your clients will be law firms. I think you should not turn down the work and write off the loss if you get stiffed.

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