ALERT: Simon Lopez, Marketing Pro

ALERT: I signed up with Simon Lopez from Marketing Pro. He told me he had 6 signings in my area and
I was recommended to him. He told me about the signings and and the fees (really nice). I am having a phone meeting with him on August 31st. We’ll see if I even get 1 signing. The fees sounded great. I was on the phone with him for almost an hour. I gave him all my parameters - 1 signing a week - 8 a.m. to 11, 5 mile radius. Told him I am starting work (true) for 8 hours a week.

I guess it could be a scam. We’ll see. Has anyone ever heard about him? He has an assistant named Vanessa who I will be speaking to as well.

He could be just a middle man who’s working for a company. Too good to be true.

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You were recomended to him? from who? you spent more than an hour on the phone with him giving away lots of info? be careful next time…

I think it’s a ploy to get a list of notaries from a company who is paying him. I didn’t give him really any information. I looked up a website that he had (very scanty) - IL - Impressive Lawyers and my old firm was on that list along with other firms that I have had contact with in my area. Well, we’ll see if I get any signings or if this is just BS. Thanks for your input. Maybe I’m the first notary that has dealt with him.


Search here for info on that Impressive Lawyers…please


Hey, y’all, when you get a call from someone who has lots of great signings all lined up and ready to go, ask yourself why that is. In these days, where there are so few decent signings, why does this particular caller have so many really cool, high-paying assignments just waiting for YOU? Do you think that they think you’re somebody special? C’mon, nobody has bunches of notarization jobs waiting for just the right notary to take them on, NOBODY.

Unless you can vet the caller easily and confirm their veracity, skip it. Don’t let them dangle $$$ in front of you with hopes that you’ll bite. It is virtually always a scam/con artist. I used to chase these types down in my former profession and their method of operation is always the same, with variations to keep the unsuspecting off balance. Here’s my best advice: when there is the slightest doubt, DON’T DO IT!


=> => => RUN the other direction - SCAM!

The Notary Cafe database contains a GOLDMINE filled with viable, germane information to assist you in a variety of ways . . .

You can perform due diligence & research by utilizing the Search function by accessing the elusive & nearly invisible Magnifying Glass (see image below).

@kKlein123 I’ve performed a cursory Search for you and you may find this thread especially helpful Karen:

Also, it’s fairly painless to search the Bar Association to determine if a Law Firm and/or Attorney are legitimate & reputable.

NOTE: It’s a good idea to place yourself on “ALERT” when a sales/marketing call comes in that’s engaging in the following [especially if you don’t know them]:

  1. Asking how you’re doing.
  2. Asking how your day is going.
  3. Stating that you’ve been recommended to them & the don’t state/won’t provide the referenced information.
  4. Shower you with compliments about your professional work/services.
  5. State that you’ve been “Chosen” to be listed/highlighted/profiled, etc.

It’s a wacky world we live in these days & important to protect yourself. :sweat_drops::flushed:


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It’s funny - was IL unable to garner enough trust to scam notaries so they “hired” (or created) a marketing pro firm to give it a shot??

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Wondering if the OP @kKlein123 could ADD the term “ALERT” or “WARNING” at the beginning of the Thread Title please . . .


NOTE: If doing a Search to vet a potential new client and the term ALERT or WARNING is in the title, it would be a quicker reference instead of having to pull up the thread, read through the posts, etc.

Interesting. Forewarned is forearmed. Thanks. Karen

@kKlein123 Thank You Very Much, Karen for adding the above to your post! Appreciate the support for ALL Notary Cafe Members to easily see the post intent.

In order to help with the Search Results it would be very BENEFICIAL if you added “ALERT:” to the thread TITLE; i.e., “ALERT: Simon Lopez, Marketing Pro

Thank You, again for your assistance. :sparkles::tada::crown:


It’s a SCAM. Cannot find Simon Lopez & Marketing Pro no where on Google.
And what signing company names themselves Marketing Pro???
Keep us up dated… The suspense is killing me.

Okay - Simon put my name on his “Website”. I think I am the only notary. Anyway, this looks like a brand new website and it has lots of ads. I told him or his group that I’m not interested. It’s a bunch of B.S. - just what I thought. Here is a link to “my” webpage. I can’t imagine that at one point he’s going to ask me for money. This reminds me of the old saying “Tell ya what I’m gonna do!” and they showed a salesman selling something. Here, for your enjoyment is the webpage✓&name=Notary&city=28042&city_display=San+Jose%2C+CA
I think I am the only notary.

Never pay to play. Sorry this happened to you!