ALERT: SOX (Sign On the X) signing

Hello, does any esteemed notary have any experience with SOS or SOX signing company? Thank you.


Brief access to the Notary Cafe Search Function revealed the following list of threads on the topic of the company name you queried [see the Notary Cafe url link below]:

A cursory review revealed that it appears to be a non-paying business entity . . . Happy Reading! :nerd_face:


Sorry, man, you gotta give us more than that to work with. Never heard of SOS or SOX. Maybe a full name or something to help us.

Got a call today, not sure if he said SOS or SOX. I cordially asked if he could text me a brief information since I had never heard of his company. He never did. Sorry that is all I had.

Sign On the X has been a deadbeat for over 20 years. Run away fast.

AhhHA!, Sign on the X, I should have guessed.

Thank you for the advice. I did not accept the assignment. I verify first!