American Home, LLC

Hi, I received an email to do a closing for American Home, LLC. Anybody hear of this company?

I just received an email also, and requested more information from the company before going forward…has anyone done business or heard of this company?

I received an email also and was wondering if anyone else has heard of them.

There is another thread here on that e-mail. I got it too and believe it is spam.

Yes, I requested more information about the company…their response was a “secure” doc. with an assignment for same day…when I tried to open I was warned of an unsecure sight that was reported for gaining secure information about me…My advise is to beware, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

I received two separate emails from them in the past week. The sender was Marisa Gutierrez with an offer that seemed too good to be true for a loan closing on the same day. I figured it was spam because I wasn’t able to open the document that was provided.

American Home LLC smells like a scam, I responded then looked up company information, they sent a link to download the docs for a closing but I had to enter my email and password…PAUSE… That didn’t sound right, so I asked them to call me, and I said the link did not work so send me the file via email… no further contact from them. This has SCAM all over it…

They bait you in by saying they pay $175 for their closing.

I just received an email from them this morning. I got all excited, thinking I might have my first loan closing but thought to search the name and company only to find this thread. It’s a shame how people do these type of things when people are trying to provide honest services. I won’t be responding.

American Home, LLC is listed as a building contractor. Building contractors do not do or offer closings. Title companies as the ones to do that in most cases. I have received numerous “offers” like this. This one is offering $195.00. Any company will never send signing information out to a notary without a discussion first with the notary. When I send a message to the company, it never responds. It is a phishing attempt. Never, never, never open an attachment from someone you do not know or that you are not expecting.


I also just received an email from this company. Thank you everyone for posting in the forum regarding this. They said it would be $175 per notary assignment.

I found a message from them this morning in my spam box for my Website…same thing, offering $175. I did not contact them. Thanks Notary Cafe and clients for these shared insights!