Anyone here ever do a signing with old republic title

Asked to do a direct signing with them. Wondering what to expect!
Thanks!! :smiley:


They just approved my application, and now I’m just waiting for my first signing :pray:


They also go thru SnapDocs & try lowballing. Very little volume from them in my area.

their platfiorm is through orsigningpro correct


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Good company, fair rates. If you are going to their offices, they will have everything all ready for you. My only issue for the locations here is that they often want docs dropped off, and the nearest location to me is a 45 minute drive.

Get to know the loan officers. Ask them to make you a preferred Notary in Snapdocs, so you will be automatically assigned their orders when you click on them.

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Is signing pro just the signing service? Not the title company directly?

Correct Signing Pro is just the signing service not the title company directly.
However I love working for Old Republic Title Co. They now call me directly for work, so using the signing service is kind of a foot in the door. They also pay me quickly!! They pay me anywhere from $130 to $175 per appointment. There escrow officer let me know once covid is over, I could start coming into office and get packages from them instead of printing myself (I’m expecting lower fee to be paid to me). Also so far packages have been on time or early and I am not harassed with multiple calls and texts on the status of appointment. They do not micro-manage like some companies do.


If you don’t mind, in what state are you?

I live in California. I mainly service the Silicon Valley area, where the tech industry is booming. Which also makes the real estate industry booming as well. The homes out here go for a million-plus, which I believe allows companies to pay higher fees. BUT I do still get low ball fees notifications for $100 - $125 for full loan signings. Also, scan backs are very common out here. It’s always a score when I don’t get an assignment that requires a scan back.


I asked because I’m based in New Jersey and Old Republic has offices here, between New York and New Jersey.

I enrolled with them, and they accepted me, but now you’re saying that they start contracting signing agents via Correct Signing Pro!?.. I googled that SS and didn’t find it. Can you please send me their link?

I get them from Snapdocs and direct, not Signing Pros. I was just answering her question by saying Signing Pro is a signing service, not the title company directly. It’s great you are accepted by them because I really feel they are very professional and they pay fast. They also always answer any questions I have without sounding annoyed! In California Old Republic and First American are the two title companies that are good to there notaries. I only had $25k when I started with Old Republic, but i had to increase to $100k for First American because that is what they required from there notaries. Do you have a First American Title Co locations in New Jeresy?


I believe so, I will check. Good thing you’re mentioning about the E&O 25K, because I’m planning to do the same, to increase to 100K


Thank you for the information very helpful! :slight_smile:

They are great company and pay well

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I started working with Old Republic directly a few weeks ago. So far, so good. The signings I received are at CitiBank.


Just did one Friday. If you get one on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday they will want entire package faxed back likely. I haven’t figured out how to invoice but I’ll keep you updated.


How do you invoice them?

Funny you asked that. I emailed them this morning to inquire about payment. I’ll let you know when they respond.

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