Anyone worked with tristar consumer law

In the same boat. When I called them this morning “Ashley” in accounts receivable stated “they don’t hire the notaries” and that she would skype “them” and have them give me a call. That was at 10:10 AM EST (9:10 AM their time CST). I won’t hold my breath.

Hang on! I was eventually paid if that is any consolation.

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Glad to see you were finally paid kenmig47. I did two jobs for them in March (9th & 13th) with the promise the check would be sent “end of this week”. I have sent 3 invoices with no response. I will continue to inquire about payment. If anyone has good contact information for billing department, please share. Here’s what I have:

I did a signing with them in Feb and the same result. I normally do not do collection companies because it can be an uncomfortable situation but took one by chance and I do regret it. I received one email response saying perhaps the payment got lost in the mail. And now they’re not responding.

I received a Call from Tristar (615) 840-8302 and lady advised that TriStar Consumer Law hired Jason’s company, so they do not pay notaries directly. Provided the following contact info: 407-710-7855 Jason Bruno. I sent an email there and received a response email from stating that one of the payments had been made via PayPal from Rich Fuentes Enterprises. I checked and NO PAYMENT RECEIVED. Needless to say, I will not be working for this company again. I hope they eventually pay us all. Good luck.

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You could do what I do.

They called me several times lately. When it was finally possible for me to handle one of their debt settlements, I looked for them on 2 forums, Notary Rotary and 123 Notary. I found nothing, and so I explained to them that for me to work now and expect payment later is to extend credit to their company. Since I found nothing about them online, they have no credit or references with me, and therefore must pay me in advance via PayPal. They declined and so did I.

This morning, I decided to take a look at this forum. I plan to make more use of Notary Cafe from now on. Tristar is here, but I did not find them mentioned on the other forums. I might have misspelled their name since I searched for them while I was on the phone with them.

I still have not received that PayPal payment I was promised on the first of the month. I sent another email yesterday to the Signing Dept & Roy Bruyette & no response today. @Asheville good call about prepay because it appears they don’t pay for services requested! Usually I put slow pay companies on my naughty list and I require prepay before I’ll work with them again, but I have put this company on my DO NOT ACCEPT list for future jobs.

I finally received a payment from Rich Fuentes Enterprises, LLC, in Orlando, FL. They paid my notary fee but not the postage fee I paid to forward the signed documents to TriStar, but at least they paid. The Mailing address is PO Box 1029, Hickory, NC 26603. 855-739-0856. Hope this helps anyone else who has not been paid.

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IMO I would send them a bill for balance due with a copy of the receipt. I’ve read that their standard procedure is to have the notary advance the postage for the return package; they either need to be willing to reimburse for costs or they should provide a FedEx or UPS label for return; businesses get a very steep discount from FedEx and UPS for shipping costs - this is on TriStar, not you. You should not have to eat it.


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Thanks @LBissonnette123 I also just received a PayPal from Rich Fuentes Ent (but only for the notary fee for ONE visit, but did not pay the postage, nor the NO SHOW that I’d done a couple days earlier). I will send a statement with the original invoices attached.

How long did it take for you to receive payment?

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I also did a job for them and was not paid. The job was completed in May. They said I would receive payment within 30 days. I sent an email, no response.


Got a call from TriStar Consumer Group yesterday, asked me to do a signing for them today. They emailed me all the information I needed and to call and make appointment with signers, which I did. Signer asked me to call her 30mins before arrival so she could put her dogs away. I called her this morning and she told me that she was not going to sign and felt that this was a scam. I was a little surprised but then she told me some of her conversations with this company and then come to find out that she lives in Washington state and TriStar was sending me to a address in Phoenix(where I live)to meet her. I asked here if she had any knowledge of this Phoenix address that was provided to me, and she had no knowledge. She said she will be calling the police to report this.

I called TriStar and told them I still expected payment via PayPal for cancellation, I don’t think I will ever see it.


I just received a request from them asking for pics of drivers license and credit card of the signer to be returned to a gmail account. I was not comfortable with doing that and asked them to reassign.

Ive also done 2 assignments with them. The 1st one (65 miles away)
the client said she thought it was a scam and refused to sign. I called the tristar number and they said wait to leave they would attempt to call her and change her mind. Instead the Lady called the police and said if i didnt move from infront of her home she would press tresspassing charges. So i left . Tristar did pay the fee.
After reading all of the above comments tho, I doubt i will do anything from them in the future.

they’re a scam. They received an “F” rating from the Nashville BBB

I think they changed their name to ACRO. I had 2 phones call from them today but I declined the job not knowing what was on the forum but when I googled the number later I found the connection to Tristar.

American Consumer Rights Organization is the new name for the criminal enterprise known as TriStar! If they call me, I will accept the assignment and never complete it. Instead I will call the consumer and warn them! I refuse to participate in a criminal transaction. The consumer charges thousands of dollars to pay the upfront fees on existing credit lines at the closing table with the Notary present. And then the customer is told not to make any payments for 90 days and the debts “just go away”. I had 1 from Tristar direct and another one through a signing agency. When the material was reviewed at the table, the appointment was cancelled. They prey on the elderly!!!

Tristar/Acro/Bruyette Ass. are all the same and they don’t pay do not accept jobs from these companys you will not be paid

Thanks very much for posting this. I was getting the brush-off and was almost 60 days out from the signing. I sent an invoice to Rich Fuentes Enterprises and was paid within a week (including postage). You were very helpful as I never would have found name and address without your post.