AOE Signings, LLC, Tempe, AZ, D Will Torres/CEO

Congratulations ! Oh boy, oh boy, can’t wait to see if it’ll clear….

Rob Peter to pay Paul. Now another notary will have to wait for 3 months…

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I just accepted a signing from them yesterday for later this week. Glad I did my research and will be canceling. I don’t have time for shananigans


3 months to get paid. Nah, I don’t have time for that kind of crap from a SS.


Yikes, I just accepted a signing from them today for a Friday signing. After reading all these posts I sent an email to have it reassigned. Hopefully they will confirm they’ll reassign :flushed:

Lol with so many requests for reassignments I wonder if he will figure it out​:joy::joy::joy:

I sent the message to reassign through the SO portal then about 10 minutes later they sent me the docs. I sent another email directly to them :woman_shrugging:t2:

I had to wait passed the agreed date of the payment to be told that it is in the mail which one not the original method of payment. I have listed this Company amongst my peep as BLACKLISTED

This is why people like him should not start a business if they don’t have money to cover themselves. BofA is covering themselves. I have to say he must bounce a lot of checks that is why the bank places these holds on his deposits. Really if you don’t have money to cover yourself don’t start a business notaries need to be paid. We work because we need the money!!

I did my first signing with AOE Signing, LLC on April 25th, 2022 and Still have not gotten paid or any phone call to state when I would be paid. This company is taking advantage of people. Judging by all the comments this company should be black listed as not willing to pay in a resonable time of services.

I had a signing March 16. Today is June 21. I reached out to the lender to make sure the file was closed after it had been 65 days passed the signing date, and after I had reached out to the signing company. The signing company called me and said “our client let us know you reached out”. I said yes. He said “uhhh why??”. I told him it had been 65 days since the signings. Their policy says 60 days max. The guy was rude and said next time please use our email in regards to payment. Ok so I did for the next 3 months. They have been playing me ever since. D Will said he could venmo or paypal me. I said yeah lets do that…that was a week ago. I will neverrrrr do a signing with them again! I will assume I have lost out on my payment :frowning:

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UPDATE on my previous post: I decided to reach out once more to the signing company. No answer as expected. Then I decided to email the lender… The lender tied in AOE and the escrow officer and anyone else involved in the signing. Someone from AOE IMMEDIATELY called me twice, I was unable to answer. They texted me and asked for my Venmo info so I gave it them. I got paid right away and they sent a screenshot to the email thread to cover their ends… so yeah I will never be doing another signing with them again but thankful I got my payment


It’s a shame that you have to go through all that just to get paid. Glad you did. I wonder when these TC will get fed up and stop using his SS cause it makes them look bad.

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The same thing happened to me. I called them and a lady told me it would be mailed via snail mail on the following Monday. Two weeks later and still nothing. The following week I emailed them and CC’d the Title Co. The owner was not happy and told me to contact them not their client. They replied and told him to issue payment and send proof. He called me and used Zelle to issue my payment. They are on my do not work for list. It took over 90 days to get paid.

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That’s good advice. Yep