AOE Signings - update information

Hello All - I recently read some discussions about AOE Signings and how some notaries had some issues, particularly with payment.

Just want to share with you that I completed several signings with them. They were nice to work with, and offered assignments that paid well, and I received a check without issue.

I mentioned the commentary to the owner Will Torres, and he said that if anyone had an outstanding issue, to please contact him at and he will look into the issues and resolve whatever it might be.

@pthorsch Hmmm . . .

It’s always a very good idea to be a bit cautious (use critical thinking processes) when there are MULTIPLE threads (see recent direct Notary Cafe thread references below) about NO or SLOW payment on a business entity.

Why (one might ask)?

Sudden payment normally reveals that the business entity is encountering difficulties with Signing Order placement as word spreads about the direct non-payment/slow payment experiences. This is a tactic to garner confidence.


  1. NO PAY/SLOW PAY => Progressing to definitively NO PAY
  2. SLOW PAY => Progressing to definitively NO PAY
  3. NO PAY/SLOW PAY => With verbal or written commitments to improve OR the “accounting difficulties” have been rectified . . . then, subsequently paying for an order or two . . . then, progressing to definitively NO PAY

Truly, it’s a judgement call. In general, leopards don’t change their spots.


FYI: Here are a few reference threads.


He is only doing that because he knows he has been put on notice and he realizes that he is having issues with not filling his orders. I am not taking any assignments from that company. As @cNsa5 stated above is 10000000000 % correct

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All good replies here to your post. Another one of my side notes: Getting paid in advance will never happen in this industry. Neither will be getting paid prior to the client verifying we conducted a complete and accurate package that will successfully close. What I do?

  1. Snatch the order first (before someone else does)
  2. If their payment terms are in the order, and they work for me, I keep it moving.
  3. If those payment terms don’t work for me, I give it back to be reassigned.
  4. If no payment terms are in the order, I follow up with a call to the client that hired me and find out when to expect payment. If they give me that info, I make a decision right then and there on the call. If they can’t give me a definitive/acceptable time frame I’m comfy with, I give it back.
  5. I have “set in stone” invoicing and collection policies in place for my business. For example, If they tell me 2 weeks, I give them 14 days, then send an invoice on day 15 via email and in the regular mail. I let them know in the email that one is also coming in the regular mail. Come 31 days past due, they get another emailed invoice, and another in the regular mail certified.
  6. If they still don’t pay after another 30 days, they get put on my “snitch list” where I blast them on every forum and review board I can find with their name on it, and scratch them off my client list whether they pay me or not in the end. Certain patterns throw up certain flags!
    As @cNsa5 stated, AOE made it on many NSA’s “snitch list” and they are now looking to save face (until the money runs out again). Maybe they will be better moving forward, but that will mainly benefit the new NSA’s who work for them who didn’t already get burned by them in the past. Just like us, too many fish in the water when it comes to clients to deal with those headaches. Going back to what @cNsa5 stated, “critical thinking” is key, along with research and trusting your gut! Once such crappy SS companies tarnish their brand, they either crash and burn, or open up under a new name while keeping the same practices.