Becoming a Notary Administrator

Hi everyone. I have been a notary for two and a half years now. I have decided to apply for a notary administrator position at a local college. I believe I have to take a Notary Administrator exam. Is this test different than the test I took after my class to become a notary? Will I need to take another 6-8 hour class prior to taking this test? Just trying to prepared for what will e required from me. Thank you for your help! PS: This is for N.C. if that makes a difference.

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Interesting. Never heard of such a position. When you find out more, let us know the details.

Maybe I worded it wrong. It is teaching a class to get others their notary commission. Don’t all notaries have to take a 6-8 hour training class prior to taking the test? This is teaching the class. Thank you for responding.:blush:

As NC has some unique laws involving lawyers and what a notary is allowed to do in a R. E. transaction (& I’m in AR), I simply don’t know (or care) what NC requires, but think you need to do some NC research because, no, not all notaries in every state have to take a training class. This is a very state-specific thing.

Apparently NC requires notaries to take a 6-hour course and pass a written exam - one of the requirements states:

" 1. Successfully complete a six-hour notary public course approved by the Secretary of State. Such courses are offered by community colleges."

My guess is you would have to be certified by your state to be an instructor (same here in Florida, certified instructors are certified by the SOS). That’s where I’d start - with your Sec of State - find out what is required to allow you to qualify for the position of “Notary Administrator”.

Good luck and let us know how this works out for you.

Not in Delaware. Commission is issued by the governor. Becoming a Signing Agent requires training and testing and background check.

Wish my state required training.