Beginner NSA looking for advice

I have signed up with Snapdocs, but looking for advice as to how many other vendors like them I should sign up with, which ones are good to work with, and ones to stay away from? Reading the forum comments here, C2C sounds like bad news, and a friend who is a NSA recommends staying away from debt consolidation closings. Any other suggestions, advice for a newbie? I’m located in SW Florida.

Your friend is right… keep reading the forums and apply to many signing services as possible, SS are good to get experience, and some are better than others, but TC (title companies) and private offices, like lawyers and real estate development companies pay better. Not all the time you’ll get real estate developments that need to have a closing in their offices (I’ve been getting some lately and love i! Because I get paid within a week or two)… but the money is with TCs. Also, don’t let low ballers to intimidate you saying “that’s the offer /fee everybody gets”. Stay away from $30 loan modifications and $75 refinances… that’s not true! You can get $90 plus for loan modifications and $125 plus for refinances.
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I would have to agree with @BluePenNotary take your time and read through the forums on interested topics.

Also keep this in mind, C2C has signing agents which love Lisa and her agency, and there are signing agents who no longer care to do business with C2C for whatever reasons. I’ve come to think the so called list of Good or Preferred list of signing agencies is very subjective as is the list of Bad or Not Preferred list of signing agencies. #TakeItAllWithAGrainOfSalt

I’m fortunately at a place in the industry where I primarily work directly with title companies. I would encourage you to sign up with as many signing agencies as you can whom you feel comfortable working with. If you get an assignment from a signing agency and you can’t agree to terms, then simply decline the assignment. Do your research, make a list from what you see here on the forum and call the signing agency and ask them questions.

What type of signings do they provide? Is there an experience requirement? How are you paid (physical check, e-check, vendor pay)? When is the pay period (on the 15th of the month, the 30th of each month, 45 days or do you have to submit an invoice first for payment)

You have to feel comfortable when accepting assignments from these companies, because unfortunately you will have bad experiences with some.

Wishing you many successful signing


thank you for the information!

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thank you for your time and information