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A signing that low is highway robbery, you would be spending more money taking that assignment then not. Good thing is you can always counteroffer for the rate you want

Has anyone used Superior Notary Services? I’ve done several signings for their customer MV Realty. The signings are 11-15 pages and take about 10 mins. Once you’ve done one it’s very easy. Sometimes they want you to get the agent on the phone to walk the customer through the signing. Pay starts at 65.00 and goes up based on mileage. However, they run about 25% cancellations, for which you don’t get paid unless you actually go to the signing, and then the signer bails. IN that case you’ll get about 2/3 of your rate. Superior pays within 30 days via check, and always has someone on hand if you have a question. They seem pretty good.

Bar up top over to the right - hover your cursor over that area until the magnifying glass shows up then search this site for “Superior Notary Services” and “MV Realty” - get some popcorn, a beverage, kick back and prepare to read.

The magnifying glass on this site is your best friend…


Can you explain how to sign up with them please? I can not figure out where on the website is the sign up information.

Let’s just say I no longer do business with them because of MV Realty. I accidentally accepted another assignment just last Saturday before realizing that it was another company wanting the same services for MV… just like in the past… I’ve learned my lesson the hard way to not prep or print until the appointment is confirmed. I did not have anything scheduled and was planning on heading in that direction anyway for my Saturday errands so I figured if it comes through I’d make a quick $70 for the day.

Well as with many of the orders before them 1/2 hr before I was supposed to be at the borrower’s home the realtor called me to say the signer canceled. Was I surprised? I would have been more surprised if they had confirmed the appointment, to be honest with you. I don’t so much blame the SS for the cancellation I blame them for not setting processes in place to protect the notary from these issues. If they change their policy to full payment sign or no sign I bet you MV would get their act together.


Like my mom used to say “keep living “ I’ve contract for FASS since 2014 I was white glove when I got ready to raise my fees they said that if I raise my fees I could no longer be a white Glove and I told them I can’t deposit in a white glove, only fees I want my fees to be raise they took my white glove status not for errors but for increasing my fees I got closings but that did not matter I had been with them long enough to raise my rate I left him alone, i’ve been in this industry for 33 years I know a lot of title and Mortgage companies and I know they run off their best people and take the less experience people because they can get them for less

Yes, it’s quick and easy money and I completed two of Those 11-15-page quick MV Realty signings. After MV Realty contacted me to join their Homeowner Benefit Program, I saw a different side of the these closings and since I’ve declined to do anymore.

I was “solicited” by a realtor “lightly” explaining that I could receive a very few thousand $$ with the intention that MV Realty be my realtor if I sell my home within the next 40 years with 6% commission. After reading more of the documents I realized there would be a lien against my property preventing me or my heirs from using another realtor to sell my home or they would be sued. 40 years is a long time to give exclusive right to sell my home someday.
Afterwards, I decided not to accept any more of these closings because I knew I would not be able to keep my mouth quiet during the closing which would jeopardize my commission. Not worth the coins. I have also learned that the several states are investigating these types of contracts.
Perhaps the number of cancellations are due to borrowers educating themselves after making their appointments.


Wow! Is that even legal? I would contact your state’s division of real estate and inform them maybe you’ll find out if it’s legal or not. 40 years?

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@VIPnotaryCO yup I agree with you about the legality issue. Thank you for reminding me about this part… I totally forgot.

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Girl, my momma said the same thing LOL :wink:

Thank you i was wondering

I have accepted a signing for tomorrow at Noontime with this company.
Should I cancel?
I have read the documents and IMO it’s not a good deal for the client.
But that’s not really my problem but does not feel right to me.
Direction needed ASAP

What company are you speaking about? Remember your job is to witness the signatures and present the documents. It’s not your job to determine what is good or bad for the customer. If there is something in the package or order you feel is illegal and goes against the law then you have the right to turn down the assignment. But that’s just my opinion.


Why are you reading the documents, anyway? My goodness, one could easily conclude from almost any set of docs that it may not be a “good deal” for the signers, but that’s only an opinion!

Do what you want, but for me, I never read the docs [for content]. Not my job. I get paid to authenticate peoples’ identity, notarize certain documents, supervise the signing of the rest of the docs and send the package in. That’s it. On to the next one.


Mannie1950, the notary that accepted a 67.00 fee for a reverse mortgage must be out of his mind. They must be running a Charity Non-for-Profit Notary Services.

Desperate measures for desperate times.

The women who work there are pretty hostile…so no.

I visited notary rotary to look for companies reviews but I could not find. Please send the link for it.
Thank you for your help

@legal you go to Notary Rotary, click on “Signing Central” tab - click on “Signing Service Listing” and it will bring you to an alphabetical list of companies. You may have to sign up (free is fine) and be logged in to see it

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