Best Signing Companies

Yeah, and be careful who you sign up with. Check them out thoroughly. Many will have been ‘reviewed’ on this forum and it’s worth the time to look into them.

@legal You’ll find it helpful to Sort the companies by Rating, then review the business entities rated with 4 or 5 stars . . .

Heads Up: Personally, I only use Notary Cafe & a general web search for vetting business entities. Many members found multiple reviews on that forum to be suspicious, duplicates, or bot entries and thus skewed the reality of the business reputation in a positive direction . . .

So, be alert for a cluster of reviews that are all 5-star, when the remainder are 1-star. Those entries will be entered all on the same day or within a few days of one another . . .

Also, the fortunes of many businesses have changed over the previous months. As such, it will serve you well to pay particular attention to RECENT reviews.


Thank you @LindaH-FL I found it. I just needed to register to be able to see it

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I think looking up every company is very useful before doing business with them, However when you get an order by the time you will look them up then respond the offer will be gone. I tried it and the signing was gone in less than 4 minutes.


Hmmm . . .

The method utilized is to review the listing of 4 or 5-star companies to vet them & contact each business entity if you choose to do business with them.

This listing, that you create as a result of your research and review, will provide you with a snapshot of the businesses you’re willing to say “Yes” to and thus, an easy & fast response when they reach out with a potential Signing Order.


You can counter offer even after you have accepted the assignment. Its rare if they dont compensate for travel or print fee.

I don’t know about the whole “jumping through hoops” thing, but I can tell you this: Nobody has a crystal ball. If I was a business that hires NSA’s, I’m not committing to give business to anyone when I myself have no guarantees that I myself is going to receive any work to give out. Also on a side note, I see some in other threads expect a company to use them as their NSA exclusively, which is an unrealistic/irrational concept for multiple reasons. If the timing, location and fee is right, that is who is getting the job. Business operations 101. Based on this, I wouldn’t “jump through hoops” for anybody. Make your sales pitch once and keep it moving. If they call, they call.

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I am referring to large companies that have us fill out a sheaf of papers, bump up insurance, get a background report and then a YEAR passes and there is not so much as ONE offer of a signing assignment. I spend money to make money, not to give these companies what they want and then be ignored. If they can’t promise me that I will get ONE assignment in a year, they are not worth doing business with.

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Oh I hear ya, but if a company out there ever did make promises (I don’t know of any myself), they sure aren’t going to make them now the way things currently are in the industry/market. Your insurance and background is required for all companies you work with anyway, and they all have their application/sign on process. None of which is making any promises to give you steady work. And yes! In this business, we need to put work out to get work in. Now paying for work? That’s a personal choice, and that too comes with no promises. Feds are going to raise rates several more times not only this year, but the next couple years to follow to try and level this inflation stuff out. So I definitely wouldn’t bank on any “promises” going forward IMO

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Of course the market has changed. I have been doing this for 10 years and have learned that the more the big companies want you to put up, the more they are likely to shut up when it comes to assignments, regardless of market conditions.
Give me the Mom and Pop stores anytime.

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About Best Signing Companies, it depends, Today May 16 I got several checks from SS companies, They took no weeks, took months but my patience paid up, but in the middle of this month and signings down ro a crawl getting checks for a BIG chunk of money is satisfying! like I said, they took time to pay but now everything is good betwee us!
Keep sending signings to me even if is one or two, you slowpoke SS Companies!

Iam in Arizona and was advised they are not accepting notaries in my state right now.

Absolutely get your ein, it’s free, fast, same day… all it is is a replacement number for your actual social… anyone, anywhere can get it…)

Yes I agree there the best

Sorry, I’m not on here a lot…I hope you received the Assistance you needed! Text me if you ever need assistance!

Amrock hasn’t been paying lately for RONs where the borrower has technical issues - never a problem before and only the last 4 months. I’ve spent every Monday trying to get paid for orders they say were canceled. This is despite providing proof of remote notarization. They also have the ability to pick and choose their notaries. If you’re on their good list, incoming orders will blow up your phone nonstop. If you cannot take appointments each and every time they send your direction, they will eventually remove you altogether. Make a mistake, better hope you have other money streams coming in. Good luck! They used to be one of my favorites.


How long did it take you to get paid by Coast2Coast? I am running off of 6 weeks no payment.

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Wfg is my favorite Title Company! They ask me how much I charge. So I get $100-$125 with them. Never made mistakes!

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I’ve done a few of those (MVRealty) and if I don’t get the contact information for the signer, the chances of cancelling, for mine, have been about 50%. Unless you have a wide open schedule, you shouldn’t depend on them working out. Otherwise, they’re easy and quick.

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Thank you for letting us know the best Signing Companies, so far I only heard of one “BankServ”, I will be signing up with them soon. They only take new signups on the 1st of each month. I will definitely look into the others