Beware - Alamo Home Finance-San Antonio

emphasized text Finally got paid from Dec 29, 2017. Was told they paid in 30 days or less. Not true!!! Notaries Beware!!!

I am a Certified Signing Agent. I completed several signings for them 5 months ago but they have not paid my invoices in total of $650. I have called and emailed but still have not received payment. Beware consumer, if they don’t fulfill their financial responsibility to the notary that is working for them, they won’t fulfill their responsibility to you either.

I completed a signing on 7/27/2018 and still have not been paid. I am actually calling right now and keep getting sent to voicemail because no one wants to help me. They keep sending me to the owner’s (Gus) voicemail and he never answers. I don’t understand why people use a service and won’t pay when the service was completed correctly and on time.

There is a notary that was ripped off like the rest of us. She was able to file a Theft of Services with the police in each city where she completed a signing. If you are owed over $1500, it is a felony otherwise it is a misdemeanor.
Lets all go out and file a report asap.