Beware of SigningTrac

They you use to be a good company to work for but now they are non a none paying company hiring notary with no intention on paying them. I’m still waiting for payments on 2 Mod Signings for over two months. No way to contact them only leave email or voicemail… no reply’s


I’ve been doing the same thing… still waiting for a pay back from March

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Signingtrac requires an email from you. The notice I have from Signingtrac. "At the beginning of each month email PLEASE no phone calls. Email is much more efficient. Requesting payment for all signings completed during the previous month (s). Do not email after each signing. Be sure your name is in the email and not just your business name.
Your check is sent by email. Subject line will say Deluxe ECheck/Signingtrac I have no problem getting paid.


thank you Arthur I agree with you I’ve worked with them for 4 years and Never had a problem in the past but this year they fell off. I have a team of notarys that work with them and still waiting for payments from March 2017. They are now contacting the Distact Attorney on the matter.

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Contact the District Attorney and advise them if SigningTrac is contracting Notary’s with no intention of paying them. this is Fraud! Address Address: 2220 Tulare St., Suite 1000, Fresno, CA 93721
Phone Phone: (559) 600-3141 Email: or click here to contact the District Attorney

If it a Loan Mod also contact Nationstar Legal team Legal for Non Payment
Attn: Legal Dept 8950 Cypress Waters Blvd Coppel Tx 75019 Attn: Customer Relations/ Legal Dept
P.O. Box 619098 Dallas, TX 75261-9741 877-783-7480


Thank you!!! I sure will

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I had the same issue and I phoned someone I knew at the title co. and explained the situation and I was paid via email check within 12 hours. … Phone


I recently contacted them via email for several signings that were done months ago. I had a check within 24 hours for all past due signings.

I’ve done several signings for them, but I don’t recall ever having a payment issue.

I have always had good luck with them. Submitted an invoice for multiple months 1st week of October. John Samarin responded my check would be emailed on October 31st. No check. Several emails ignored and no way to contact them. I guess the title company is the next point of contact.

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I haven’t gotten my check either.

File a claim against their business licenses.

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Also, how I got paid from a Deadbeat Signing Company was to write a detailed letter containing a copy of their payment policy submitted at the time of service, the invoices I had already sent, and a last paragraph in bold that if they did not pay me within a certain amount of time (5 days) I would contact Title, Consumer Affairs, the Better Business Bureau, social media, and other internet sources. I finally got paid because the last thing the SS wants is for you to do is contact Title, who may drop them like a hot potato for not following through on their agreement to pay the notary.

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I finally got my check from Signing Trac.

I rec’d payment. To be honest they have always been easy to work with and paid on time. Maybe they just hit a glitch. I don’t know.

Hello everyone,
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Never had a problem. Even when it was overdue. Just sent them an email and was paid immediately.

You have to invoice them every 1st of the month … they pay promptly … been doing business with them for about a year now and never had any problems.

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Thanks C, I had the same problem with this fraudulent company. I used your information to contact Nationastar and just got a check for some (not all) of the monies owed. I’m going to see what can be done to get these guys out of business. Thanks again!

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Thank you for this information. Might you by chance have the contact infor for Corelogic and Signing Solutions?
I now have to go thru them to acquire payment I just rcvd this in an email:

signingTRAC Support 4:51 PM (21 minutes ago)

to me

Checks are emailed 30 to 60 days from the signing day

John Samarin
Support Department | signingTRAC
Fax: 559.472.7145 |

From: Alejandrina Vega []

Sent: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 1:21 PM

To: signingTRAC Support

Subject: RE: 3rd RequestJanuary Signings Request for Payment