Bilingual Brothers Notary

Have anyone experienced long wait times for payment? I did a signing in July and I still have not received payment. I have sent several emails and left voicemails as well. I have not gotten any responses at all.

@catalinansa1 Sorry to see you’re experiencing difficulties with payment from Bilingual Brothers Notary.

Of note, it’s always a wise & strategic move to vet your new potential clients prior to providing your professional services.

I’ve performed a cursory Search via the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe Database for enlightening threads on this business entity. When you research these threads (see the direct url links below), you may glean some germane data about how to proceed & collect the funds due to you.

You can locate the ever-elusive/nearly invisible Magnifying Glass to perform a Search of the database in the image below:

Here are the direct url links to those threads:

P.S. Here is an EXCELLENT post by @rparker that will be of Great assistance:


Contact the lender/escrow/title company that used Bilingual Bros. and tell them you haven’t been paid. Since title were the ones that paid BB, they would want you to be paid. Enough complaints and title will quit using BB and they’ll be out of business. I think that’s how it would work.

Bilingual is the only non-payor I’ve ever had. They paid me $50 on a $100 job.

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