Blame game

yes, so I went on an assignment and had all the paper work that was sent to me, also the clients copy. The company which Mobile notary, a week later called and stated that I missed 3 different pages, the client was sent 2 by email and I was sent 1 due to needing to get signed and notarized. I was sure these were not in the packet. When I went to get signed I asked the client which by the way was very understanding I asked if she still had her packet. We went through her packet which is exactly what I had and those pages were not in the packet. She told me she would let the company know, I felt bad but why is this my fault. They said I had missed them NO they missed them. I said something to the company and they blew me off never responded. What if anything can I do? I know the client was going to say something but I just felt it was very unprofessional of them to blame me. Has anyone had this problem? Thank you, I am hoping they don’t mess with my pay for their mistake.

Were these edocs? If so, check your file. OR ‘why you keep the file until you’re paid’.
Understand that someone made a mistake and it’s much easier on them to blame the notary–until the notary has proof.

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Thank you Arichter, yes they were edocs, I usually keep them for a week before deleting them hence this was a week out and just now notifying me that they were missing. So I had already deleted them. I keep them if I have to scanback which in this case I did usually I would assume if you have to do scanbacks they would check them right away. I was wrong. Thank goodness the client had her copies and was able to back me up. I am going to start keeping them like you said until I am paid. Thank you for your feed back I appreciate it.

If you deleted them, check your “recycle bin” on your desktop - they may be in there…just a thought

Have you called the company to discuss with them the situation, letting them know the additional pages were not in your package? Is this someone you regularly work with?

I wouldn’t have asked the signer to see what they were sent or involve them. My opinion is that it is not professional to do so even when you are right. It does not necessarily mean they got exactly what you got either. You’d have to figure out what exactly was in your package and if this indeed was missing. Like Linda said, check your deleted files maybe it is there. You can also request them to re-send the original email they sent to you to review. I’d discuss this over the phone with them before going out again just to make sure you’re on the same page with the resolution and that nothing additional will be needed. Again not with the signer. If they’re just being terrible end that relationship with being their notary.

You never have to go back again but if you value that working relationship you can negotiate a fee maybe at a discount since it’s a few pages. If it’s a regular client that you love working with doing a favor here and there is part of the working relationship. It really depends on the situation. I agree, unfortunately with so many people involved it is easy to blame and point fingers all day at each other.

I was recently asked to go and have a document signed after the scan back and the loan funded back in July The title company said I missed a signature on the Flood Cert ! And they needed it for post closing.