Bragging and Course Selling

I consider myself a go-getter but I must say that I’m very frustrated. I was NNA Certified about a year a go and a commissioned notary since 2019. I’m beginning to see this signing agent business as a race to the bottom. These signing services throws out the chum in a large ocean and we race to be the first to click on a button to accept the assignment to no avail.
In one instance a signing assignment came through and It acknowledge my acceptance. The message said I would be sent an email with information for the assignment. I won’t say what Title Company it was, but as the appointment drew closer there was no communication.

I made at least three calls to the Title Company in the time frame of almost 4 hours. The appointment was for 6:00pm. Someone finally told me I didn’t get the assignment because I wasn’t on a list of proven signing agents. I was fuming. Someone at that office should have told me within the 3 calls that I didn’t get the assignment.

Now for the incessant bragging on YouTube and course marketing. I’ve stopped watching signing agent and general notary content on Youtube and how much money they’re making. If you’re so successful as a loan signing agent why are you pushing courses?

In the beginning I was so excited to become certified. I’ve laid out money for a laser printer, reams of paper, software and misc items related to this business. I have not made a return on my investment.

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A question first off - where are you located?

It takes a couple years to get a business established to the point of beginning to support itself. Also, your timing in starting your business (when you were certified) is crucial - you came in when the rest of the world did too because of Covid and loss of jobs. Now the economy is having a significant impact on everyone’s business - I just read today there’s another rate hike coming this week.

You have a lot working against you and, hopefully, you didn’t give up a good day job for this. If you did, whether you continue to try to market and survive is your decision, again based on your location. Question is, how long can you sustain operating at a loss.

I wish you luck.

I’m in Fort Lauderdale. When I saw the writing on the wall, I cultivated other streams of income that help pay the bills. I haven’t given up but I can’t give it full attention anymore.
Thank you for your input.

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To piggy back off of what @LindaH-FL stated, the FED announced there is still like 4 or 5 more rate hikes coming between now and the end of the year to try and level out inflation. So plan accordingly. I recommend trying your best to keep your business afloat (even if it means breaking even) to be available for the next ride (whenever that comes), especially if you have passion for it.

I totally agree with your comment. The signing agents are not hustling new signing agents with courses and information that can be easily found online, reading and research. It’s ridiculous.

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