C2c (coast2coast signing agency)

I am happy to inform all signing agents that Coast2Coast Signing agency resolved my payment issue and I wanted to inform everyone of this resolution. It is unknown why the check was not initially honored. However, i redeposited the check this morning and it was processed without a problem

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Just a warning-I still have yet to receive my payment from c2c and it has been over a year now, they are still not doing business in the manner that they demand it. There was never any issues, complaints or otherwise for mine not to be paid. I relentlessly commented on snap and not one time did they reply! They received excellent service from me in fact I drove an hour and 45min away to accommodate this signing for them, it was literally in the middle of nowhere! I will never entertain any job offers from them again.

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I have to offer a defense on behalf of C3C. They did in fact pay me for my service a few days ago.

Larry Buck

I’ve worked with Coast 2 Coast for over two years and do several signings a month for them. They always pay, have great follow-up and I always have my docs in plenty of time!! They are one of my favorite companies!! I love working with them!!

Happy to hear Coast2Coast works well for some, HOWEVER, beware of one of their shady and unethical practices. They will try to renegotiate to reduce a fee AFTER an agreement. This happened to me yesterday. After being assigned, confirming our price, contacting the signer to confirm appointment, reviewing instructions and documents, Coast2Coast called me and ask if I would reduce the fee - literally cut it in half. I refused, and subsequently refused to work for them.

Betty Hickman

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I have received requests from C2C for modified mortgages. There rate has been $30.00 and I accepted 2 just to see what was Involved in modified. The first client did not return my calls for 3 weeks and the second refused to speak to me because she was not aware of who I was. Apparently these folks were not given all the necessary information as to who I was and what my role was in this process. All this for $30.00? O have rejected their $30 fees and requested $60 instead
What a waste!!:sunglasses:



I have had similar issues, but have been able to have the loan modifications completed. My issue is that C2C has not paid.