C2C TheDocloud?

I have been doing signing for C2C for years, and just about everything I read about them is true now. Before Covid-19 C2C never low-balled me and I never had to wait long for payment. Now days I see the low-ball text go out to everyone and if I’m not interested, I just send back not available. If I am interested in the signing and it’s a low-ball offer, I will counter with my normal fee for that type of signing and I would say most of the time I get it, but I know around the time of month to counter with them. I also still get paid by them in a timely manner.
I will let you new Notaries in on a secret at least it seems to be a secret because Notaries keep accepting low-ball offers. The secret is how to get low-ballers to eventually take your higher bids. Never, Never accept a low-ball fee because all it takes is to accept one low-ball from a SA and they will never offer you any higher they will wait it out till they break you. I on the other hand do the opposite I never have and never will accept a low-ball fee. I keep countering till they get it I don’t work for cheap, free or volunteer my time to SA. Plus doing good work each time always helps. :slight_smile:


Just closed one and used docloud. Worked just like snap docs. No issues. I downloaded the docs so i could print in adobe, then later scanned them as usual. Then off to fedex.

I see C2C on multiple platforms.

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