Can I notarize stepdaughter's signature?

My stepdaughter is selling her crashed vehicle today to a remote buyer. The tow truck driver is showing up with the buyer’s cash later this afternoon. Is it permissible for me to notarize her signature on the pink slip with a separate Acknowledgement?

Thanks in advance for a speedy response!

Coach Pat

Can’t answer without knowing what state you’re in - check your handbook for restrictions/prohibitions

California. Will do. Googling that now. Thanks!

I know here in FL we cannot notarize for immediate family - mother, father, spouse, daughter, son, etc. Now, in my mind, my stepchild would be my child so I would not do it.

The California Notary Public Handbook 2020 says it is permissible as long as I have no direct financial benefit. This would apply because I am not participating in the transaction as a buyer or seller. Thanks for a great suggestion, LindaH!