Can you help with a florida witness testimony document

Hello has anyone done a witness testimony in Florida?

Florida requires the Notary to provide a written certification to be filed with the presiding officer confirming the identity of the witness and confirming the affirmation or oath by the witness.

Can any help with how you obtain the document or the wording?

Thank you

If you’re talking about swearing someone in for a court hearing or for testimony or a deposition, usually, whoever has contracted with you (usually the attorrney) will provide the form to be used as it also contains the case information. Here is wording that was included in the previous, very detailed Florida manual:

COUNTY OF ____________

In my capacity as a Notary Public of the State of Florida, I certify that on the _____ day of
, 20, at (time) a.m./p.m., (name of deponent) personally appeared before me and took an oath (or affirmation) for the purpose of giving testimony in the matter:____

Personally Known__________
or Produced Identification__________
Type of Identification Produced__________

Notary Signature

The person asking for the service has stated that they are giving testimony over the phone and needs a notary to be a witness. He stated that no one has given him any documentation.

But my understanding is that I would need to provide a written certification

The recent version recommended by Florida makes no mention of the type of form to use for this act.

Okay…that’s what I thought you were referring to so my post stands.