Cant get paid

I did a signing with Bilingual Brothers Notary, it wasn’t a big job but close to me for $80. This was the 31st of March, We are now in June.

I have contacted them with 2 emails, 2 VM the accounting dept goes strait to VM, called and chose a different option just to speak to someone, I have spoke to 2 people stating they will look into it and I have never gotten a call back or a response of any kind.
I am looking for advise on the best way, or most effective way to get paid. At this point I don’t care if they don’t call me again I don’t want to work with them. They seem to lack professionalism and integrity. I’m so annoyed!

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They did the same to me. Did you sign up for auto-pay? That’s what I finally had to do to get them to pay me. I threatened them with the AG’s office and notifying the IRS because if they’re not paying notaries, they’re not paying enough in taxes. It took them 60 days to pay me.

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Contact Title Co. involved. They’ll put their feet to the fire (hopefully).


(CA) Bilingual Brothers are very late payors and they stiffed me $50 on a $100 job last year. I called and they said they would pay but they never did. I won’t do another signing for them, EVER.

I am “assuming” based on the posts here that they had no payment terms stipulated when they assigned? What type of transaction? Yes, I have seen 60 and even 90 days in some of those terms. Either way, send an invoice in the mail certified with the postage fees included in the invoice marked “PAST DUE!”

It said 30-45 days on the order, we are well over that so I waited more then 45 to call, contact them.
I did take Arichters advise and contacted the title company and once I told my story and that other NSA’s had confirmed they are shady to work with she asked that I send over the job information and see if she can get some traction on her end. She said they work with them often. She sounded appalled by this. I did email her with a copy of the order. And I appreciated the offer of help from her. I will let you all know how it turns out. I am sure they will make up some BS excuse for it, like they told me they are short handed in accounting… they don’t have an accounting dept its an extension to a VM box… I have tried to reach they dept 3 times… Warning to all add Bilingual Brothers to the Blacklist, shady shady shady company, not worth it!

Looks like I am being stiffed by Prestige Notary Service…my first deadbeat. Hope you finally get paid.

Send them an invoice and they will eventually pay. Took me six months to collect $105 but I got it through dogged perseverance. I did a perfect job and I wanted my money.
But I probably won’t do any more jobs for Prestige.

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Send an invoice based on your pay terms of choice (due _______) with a note stating title will be contacted regarding non-payment.

Understand that title see notaries as a necessity (for now). They use signing co’s because they offer access to a labor pool title doesn’t doesn’t have to expend resources managing, They will drop a signing co if they have the concern of notaries refusing signings due to a signing co’s negligence. It threatens slow title’s workflow which negatively impacts their bottom-line.

Title is usually an ally in these instances.

Do not direct your frustration toward the title co if you end up contacting them. That interaction could very well have you directly servicing their closing for your service area.

Signing co’s payables of 30-45 days is ridiculous. There is no longer any valid reason for notaries to not be compensated within 2 to 14 (max) days of a close. Those companies are simply sitting your money for their benefit.

Update I took Archers sage advise and I called the title company, and just explained the situation and my attempts to get paid, and asked they consider not using a company who lacks integrity and is not paying for the service. I spoke to a nice lady who decides who to use to schedule notary, she seemed disappointed and said we do use them often, send me the order number and details and I will call them.
So I did, I was contacted the very next day with an email and check, and a lame excuse on why I didnt get paid… So the title company did a solid for me and I did get paid.