Celtic Signings - Report them!

I may have already posted, but I have an update: I did a signing for Celtic Signings in August of 2020. I still have not been paid. After several phone calls and emails, I have moved on to reporting them to the following: Better Business Bureau, State of New Jersey Division of Wage and Hour Compliance and finally, the IRS. I informed the IRS that I believe that they are reporting having paid their notaries, when, in fact, we are not getting paid. If you want to send a letter, send it to IRS, Fresno, CA 93888. Please list all the info you have, including Dennis McGrath’s name. The will investigate.


Me neither!!! can’t get a hold of anyone. still waiting for payment from 2020.

Good morning,

I did signings for this company many times and still have not been paid. I talked to Dennis who assured me that my payment is coming and it never does. I was calling for my personal phone and he blocked that number now I have to use different phone number to call. I have sent several emails no response. Has anyone had to file a small claims suit on this company?

I no longer take jobs for Celtic Signing. Although I have been paid in the past for the jobs I did do, I had to really bug Dennis to get paid and it was more than the 30 days out he professes to pay within. He only offers $85/ for a refi, so I’m not losing out on anything.

Thank you for the info. 11 pages of notes, not counting the job confirmation pages, for a mere $100 since 2016, I’ll be happy to report him to the IRS!!

Thank you for the info. I have been trying to get paid for jobs I did last year and even the Title Company has tried for me. No luck.

I have been trying for the better part of 3 years to get payment from Dennis Mcgrath. I doubt his mother claims him!