Champion Title

I received an email from a Lora Goubert who stated in the email that she is from Champion Title, and is looking for a notary to complete a closing.
She does not have a phone number to contact her, but she did give a name & phone number to the said borrowers. I attempted to google Champion Title and Lora Goubert. Not having any real luck, I’ve found several Champion Ttile locations, but none have a Lora Goubert. This appears scammy because the offered notary price, her not providing a contact number for her, and she attached the said closing docs to an email.
This person Lora Goubert stated that she found me on Notary Cafe. How is it allowed if they are scammers?

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I got an email from a Sanya. One thing I noticed that her sent email ended in “hotmail” but in her signature block she had a different email. It was “


For me, her email showed
No phone number to contact her, yet an attachment of said loan docs to click on & print. Nope, not going to happen.

I just had the same exact experience. WATCH OUT!!!