Change in demand around the holidays?

Hi all!

New WA State LSA-in-training here. Thank you for all of shared wisdom and experience in these forums. It’s been invaluable as I’m getting ready to get started.

One thing I haven’t seen is whether there is usually a change in demand for loan signings in November, December and/or January due to the holidays. I expect to have my license in October, so my first few months will be right in this timeframe. I’d love to hear the experience of those who’ve been around the block a few times.

Josh Sanderson

Hi Josh: I’m also in WA, and don’t really see a ton of seasonality–it’s more driven by rates. Things are busy right now!

My best advice to you would be not to rush it. Despite what some would have you think, this is not an “any dummy can do it” job. It takes planning, organization, knowledge, and confidence. All of these skills take time to build. Start slow. Especially in the beginning, rushing things is a recipe for disaster!

Best of luck!


Thank you so much, Benjamin @washmobilenotary! I really appreciate you sharing your experience with this. The more I learn, the more I realize there is to learn, so I plan to continue learning and ramp up as I go.

Have a great week ahead!