Check not received...what's next

I need bit of advice. I have a signing company that says they mailed my check on the week of December 26th and I have not received it. I have contacted them several times regarding this issue and I have yet to receive the check for a signing that I did over a month ago. I have also did other signings for this company in the last 2 weeks. What should be the next step, should I contact the title company or?..Not sure what to do. I have been nice about this and the person keeps email me saying they mailed my check. We are past the point of verifying addresses. :pensive:

Mailing it doesn’t mean it’s cashed. Ask them if it’s been cashed yet. If not, obviously it got ‘lost in the mail’ and they should re-issue a new check. I do understand that, from their POV, the cost of canceling a check is high compared to check amount and having to cancel a lot every month can become a sinkhole. Ditto issues with receiving party cashing both checks if they don’t cancel the first one and it shows up much later.

With the issues USPS has around Xmas time (I got a Xmas card on 1/8 that was postmarked 12/15) it might still show up. If not cashed, I’d ask them how long they intend to ‘wait’ before issuing a new check. Communication is important here.

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My issue is not that it was cashed. The issue is that they keep telling me it was mailed. So, I will contact them and ask that question of when will they reissue another check. Thanks for your input😊