Coast 2 Coast signings, Inc

I’ve worked for them before and I haven’t had any issues. In fact they just contacted me today for an assignment.

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I will not hesitate to threaten non paying Companies to file a complaint with Hud and VA. This gets me my money asap


C2C went a little longer on my payment for the last two jobs, but it’s crazy out there right now! I sent a reminder through SD and both have been paid. 40 and 42 days… little bit past the net 30. However, C2C provides a consistent amount of work, will negotiate my fee, and bends over backwards if I call for support. I figure I can be understanding for an extra week during what is obviously a very busy time for them.


I have my own experience but will never ever make it public…Good Luck with everyone that needs any type of issue resolved on the company’s end. Good luck and prayers

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C2C has gone low ball, $75 or less for a signing. I just hit the delete button.

Don’t DARE ask for payment - check in or email. HAHHA Lisa will remove you from the C2C signings. that’t what happened to me. Her exact words were!!!

Its month end Shelly, im typing with no tone, I am swamped.

You should never have to ask about payment ever… so I will make sure you never do again

Hence, now I am removed from their list. All Good!!!

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you are lucky that she removed you/go check on C2C and Lisa on N/R

It took several phone call attempts and countless emails to even get a response from you or Bill. Needless to say that after 45 days, you 1st took the time to respond to the post on this forum then replied to my 4th and final email requesting payment. I don’t buy the excuse from you or Bill that you sent my check to the wrong email address, because the fact is you both replied to the initial email sent over a month ago that my check would be sent that weekend. I have since deleted your company from my directory and have moved on.

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I hope you did not let them off the hook for your money. There are ways to get your money. Hud and the VA both have toll free numbers and complaints can be filed. I did a signing for this Company early August 2019. I will get my fee, and they will gladly pay it. They do not want complaints filed on their companies. If I worked for this money I will get it.

I haven’t had any problems with them. They pay with deluxe e-checks and I love that.

that is shocking, I am in total control of my company and always have. What consolidations are you speaking about. I have been in business for 19 years… I am the only owner of my company. We closed 8300 signings in Aug 2019.
Never have I been 6 months late ever.
NO one every has to call a title company to get me to pay them.
hopefully people just all me when they feel things are a miss

Lisa Bittner

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well its a shame you feel this way, we sent out 500-1025 checks a week and deluxe check does at times make mistakes,
but we are always here I post my phone number to be called if there is an issue.
Month end calls are very tough, but I will reply to an email…
we are very swamped
so sorry

when you see you were in fact paid… did you say this on this topic?

Agreed, worked with them for little over a year. Got tired of chasing payments too!! then she said “Ill make sure you never have to ask again!” hahah and removed me from receiving C2C signings - HAHHA petty petty… I am better off!!! I only do this part time on the side of my full time job and AUGUST/September have been best months I’ve ever had not chasing the $75 signings…$125 for each so far - Once I started reading ALL of the negative reviews here - everywhere and on Facebook forums - I am convinced she did me a favor removing me…

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well, we pay the same every week, so no one should feel they need to cal for payment.

Hi everyone. A new NSA here. I have been getting lots of FHA Loan Modifications from this company, witness required but $30. I’m in the Augusta GA area and everytime I try to negotiate for a higher fee the job is assigned. Someone in my area is accepting the low ball offer which is very disappointing since those are the only hits this past week. After printing 30-80 pages, traveling 5-10 miles, and providing a witness $30 is a little insulting.

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You’re in GA…I’d be very careful - GA is an attorney only state and this may be part of the attorney-only domain since it involves encumbrances on real property in the State - make sure you can legally do these - for your own protection.

Also, you should not be providing witnesses - that’s on the signers to do - they provide their own.

Finally, printing 30-80 pages for $30 is an insult - should really be renegotiated to a fee that adequately compensates you.

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I can’t find any topics on the real property being in another state. So if the signer is located in Georgia but the property is in Tennessee. Does anyone know how that works or is it overall real property in any state?

Good question…don’t know answer. Call your SOS for their direction as it’s GA law you need to follow.

After being referred to the Georgia Code 44-14-13 it states:

This Code section shall apply only to transactions involving purchase money loans made by a lender, or refinance loans made by the current or a new lender, which loans will be secured by deeds to secure debt or mortgages on real estate within the State of Georgia containing not more than four residential dwelling units, whether or not such deeds to secure debt or mortgages have a first-priority status.

This law only applies to real estate within the State of Georgia if I’m understanding it correctly.