Coast to Coast Signing

Was glad to see that Coast to Coast posted a signing around 2:00 today for a signing this evening for $75 that it looks like nobody accepted. It was posted again at 7:22 and then posted again a few minutes later but for Wednesday evening. With the cost of printing 200 pages of documents and the cost getting there and back $75 doesn’t cut it. Can’t accept jobs just to break even or lose money.


Stay away from Coast to Coast. They have no appreciation of what we do. Industry low-ballers.


Yeah I did a few for coast to coast I’m the beginning but they lost they mind in this inflation tryna only give $75. I hope nobody is fulfilling their orders because you for sure losing money.


I saw that and laughed. Really!!!

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Welcome to slavelandia…the new plantation! What all of you must realize is that we need each other. STOP taking those low offers. I guarantee you, they take money off the top to keep their businesses going and give the crumbs to others to fight over. The next time one of you takes a low offer, look at the CD and see what they received.


C2C is well known for ripping off NSAs, I always counter with a reasonable amount but rarely get it because there are too many willing to accept a low fee.

i agree you have a good point its slow but at the same time think about gas paper etc.

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As long they pay me a convenient fee that suits my needs, The world goes around, slavelandia? I do not think so …

wondering how long it takes to get payment from them? I did a singing for them over a month ago and still haven’t seen payment.

They take a bit. I have two unpaid right now. 48 and 46 days. That’s pretty average for them. I mainly do loan mods through them so the “missing” $30 sometimes goes unmissed. They take me about 15 minutes or less and keeps me busy though!

Coast to Coast is one of the worst signing services!

Take your loan mods through Mortgage Connect, FASS and Amrock. Average pay is $65.

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Even Express Notary offers $40 for a loan mod. The borrower has the docs - no print. Go, supervise the signing, notarize as needed, leave the completed package. Borrower’s responsibility to get the docs back to the lender. 10 minutes, only cost is gas.

Let the C2C stuff pass on by.

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That sounds lovely! I really appreciate the tip. I will check them out now!

Yes, It’s 2022, and they’re still ripping notaries off. They use the lamest excuse. Please don’t use them. I made a mistake to have tried them. :frowning_face: