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I’ve done several assignments for Prestige/Notary Dash SS, and never received payment since 2021. I have invoiced them repeatedly and the only response I have received is one automatic reply and another live response of all procedures steps that I need to do when I submit an invoice. I have call NNA for guidance on handling this situation, only to find out they don’t have a good solution for collecting payment from SS. I’ve tried contacting the Title & Escrow companies, and no luck because they have paid the SS in advance for their service. Would there be someone who could give advice with a total mess like this?

Search using magnifying glass in bar up above (hover cursor near your avatar on the right) - get refreshments, sit back and read; many posts and you are not alone in your predicament.

Best of Luck

(CA) Yeah, and look for my experiences with Prestige in my posts of late. I finally got paid earlier this week for a job I did last October! I followed their written instructions to the letter, kept writing them, and finally collected.


Sorry to read that you’re in this situation. :disappointed_relieved:

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Please know that the organization you reference (see quote below) is definitively a For-Profit BUSINESS.

The term “Association” within their business name is a misnomer . . .

Also, most don’t realize the NNA is based in CA and their “advice” is based on CA law.

Of course, this is NOT good for most states in the US. When I was new & sought out their advice along with the advice of the owners of the training programs I successfully completed, their input was incorrect nearly without exception. The NNA is NOT an ally of Notaries/Professional Loan Signing Agents.

Many have posed these valid queries (and many more) over the years:
“Why doesn’t the NNA work to get our Notary Fees increased?”
“Why doesn’t the NNA fight against Remote Online Notarization [RON]?”
“Why does the NNA charge such HIGH PRICES for their services & supplies?”
“Why did the NNA Hotline give me incorrect information?”

You can see multiple examples about errant data provided by the NNA in this post:

I always provide guidance to do your own due diligence and seek out the most informed, professional source of insights/wisdom/experience when new to a business sector.