Companies that hire beginners

I’m just starting. I have signed up for a few signing companies, however, some require experience. Any recommendations for companies that take on those who are just starting?


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@hallnotaryservices, I’m in the same boat too! I think a lot of it comes down to marketing and luck. We may be able to fill in when other notaries can’t make signings.

However, if another forum member could chime in about companies that hire newbies, that’d be helpful. I’m assuming that most companies would prefer more experienced notaries, but everyone’s got to start somewhere.

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Hello,I’m in the same boat! PLEASE Help!
Thank You

How about Snapdocs? They don’t pay a lot but it’s not too bad in my opinion. Usually between $75-100 per signing. People have their opinions but they contact me if for assignments and I have only done one signing years ago.