Corona Virus.....that is your excuse for not paying me? Really?

What do my fellow notaries/signing agents think? As a professional (15+ years), I will give my opinion at a later date. Right now I would just love to hear your thoughts.

A company actually gave that as an excuse? Unbegullibelievable…

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Yes. I can’t believe it. I am that person that will go out “during this time”. Many mobile ppl have put themselves on hold until further notice. Hello, I have bills to pay, a new mortgage & my fiance’ just gave me his credit card yesterday & said “Do what you gotta do”. Bottom line…I got a new HP printer, a few cases of letter & legal paper & a few toner cartridges on the way. I think that I have finally found the right guy/2nd witness/driver…:relaxed:

Wow. What SS said that? I want to add them to my “Not In This Life” file.

Nonpayment due to virus is unacceptable. You may still file a lien for payment for providing services. No Notary Contractor wants to hear these words because copies of the lien would go to all entities involved in the signing. After you mention this would be your next step the check magically appears.

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I have worked with some Notary Contractors for many years and for whatever reason they have hard times like all of us at one time or another. Bottom line is we provided a service and they got paid. If Contractor can not pay us for whatever reason, lien goes up the food chain and someone will pay. Do not like having to go to these extremes but also running a business. The last thing Title or Lender wants is a lien. Contractors usually make good on agreement but in these hard times we need to take care of ourselves.

OMG! Unbelievable:( My heart is broken when I hear someone is taking advantage of notaries. I’m only taking signings from title and signing companies I trust and have worked with before. Rejecting all other signings from companies that take too darn long to pay or new ones. It’s a real blessing that I’ve been getting paid within 7 days max with titles and 14 days max with signing companies. :pray::innocent: I feel blessed.

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Thank you for the advice. I plan on doing just that.:neutral_face:

In the future, I plan on using that file. For right now, I am trying to collect for 4 refinance closings. Today is Wednesday (3/25)…last Wednesday (3/18), the person called me to do another closing. I agreed only because I was assured that a check would be sent out that day for the previous “4”. To sum it up, I printed the docs, scheduled the appt., never got “the check” so I cancelled the closing. Now I am the bad girl…unamused:

Hi, how do you file a lien. I never heard of that. Please let me know…thank you much.

I am now charging double my fee for “virus pay”. I am serious. The schedulers are working from home so they cannot expect me to work for the same fee as before. I am getting double most of the time. Actually I am working slightly less and making much more money.

Here’s how I am working now.

  1. Double fee for all signings no exceptions PLUS
  2. Weekend pay (Sat - Sun) extra $50 to $100
  3. Last minute (same day schedule) fee is extra $50 to $100
  4. Fax back extra pay $35-$50 with full scan backs $100 extra

So far it is working. At first, I am told hey cannot afford to pay my fees but they will call back if my fees are approved. I tell them I understand. 80% of the time they call me back and have my fees approved. I am not going to put myself at risk for the same pay.


I agree! What are you charging for Refis?

Prior to virus I had already been adding fees for going the extra mile. Like you, 80% of the time they call back and pay fees. Working smarter and not harder. I don’t set food outside the door for under $100. More Notaries need to step up to the plate and start increasing fees. Don’t be afraid of losing business to those that accept low ball fees. Majority of time they burn out.

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I’m 70 and prior to retiring 5 years ago taught prelien and lien classes all over the US for large corporation for 15 years. Every state has different lien laws and this is only last resort. Important must have contractual agreement for service to be provided and payment agreed (email is ok). In this agreement should be payment terms. Always follow-up request for payment in writing (email ok) and at least 2 times. I then follow-up with 3rd letter as a Notice to Lien and copy lender and title, etc. if payment not received in 14 days. No entity wants a lien and I have always received payment. State websites provide information on lien process. Make sure you have ducks in a row: Notary Contractor, Title, Lender pertinent data, property address and parcel number. Include this in Notice to Lien letter. Another tidbit, on my hard copy invoices I always note at the bottom 1.25% may be charged if fee not paid within 30 days.


BTW, I finally received my payment…from Premier Notary Service. I can say it now.:expressionless: