Covid-19 and Hazard Pay

Hello there and I hope all of you are doing well.
With the pandemic at its peak these days and the shelter in place order in effect I was wondering how would some of our colleagues accept signing offers for $60 or $80!!!
Please remember that you’re putting your life and health at risk as you’re going to a place that you’ve never been to before and meeting with people you’ve never seen before. With that in mind you’ll have to be extra cautious and take all the preventive measures and protective stuff, masks, disposable gloves, etc.
With all this in mind, I have decided not to take any signing that is below $150 pay but, again, I’ve been thinking why would some notaries be so cheap as to accept these low ball offers and let the bigger chunk of the pay for the officer who is, in most cases, is working from their homes, enjoying the highest levels of safety and comfort. Smh

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Good Morning everyone!

They really should pay much higherbecause we are putting our lives in their hands
I don’t take low paying jobs whether virus or no virus. We have a lot of responsibility. Everyone should stand their ground. I do worry about the viruse as I have cancer and I need the money to survive, but I believe the Lord has my back.

Be safe and take every precation necessary!

Arlene Mills – Southwest Florida