COVID signing

I got this one RM Loan due to COVID and I called the signer to set up an apt and asked to make sure that the other signer would be there too (His wife). Long story short his wife left him and he has no was of calling her or knows where she is. I told him, he would need to inform his loan officer so we set up for a later time. I made a comment on notary dash letting them know I can not complete due to one signer not being there to sign. This is not a first that I have not been able to get someone to sign, another was due to wrong contact information. I also sent a comment letting them know the phone number was wrong.

I say all that to ask : At this point do I need to call the number that says not to call no one has responded to anything.

You did your part by notifying and record for your file. They and their clients have to decide now, how to proceed. It looks like a conflict of interest on husband and wife… and now their escrow/title/lender.

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