Craigslist: News and a question

I recently found out that as notaries we can advertise on Craiglist.

NEWS:I also found out Craigslist started in April to charge a fee for postings.

Question: Does anybody here post to Craigslist to publicize their services, either for GNW or Signing Agent work?


My 2 cents? Craigslist has way too many spam/bots built into their platform. Besides, fees are listed by category, and “Notary” is not in there. I don’t recommend listing under “real estate” or “legal” unless you hold a license for such (misrepresentation). There is a “customer service” category, but that would be hit or miss by key words in the search box. I recommend sticking to the industry focused platforms myself.


I don’t think anyone is going on Craigslist to find a professional anything.

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