Days of Closings Past!

Alaska!!! …… yep in Alaska……

Linda, please help me!!!:joy:

Thank you for asking:). I am in Colorado:) hence the “CO” at the end of my handle:). I wish you a great day!

Well I don’t know if Colorado is anything like California

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I could never afford to live in California. Too expensive.

The business should supplement a good life in California, you just need to consistently earn $75k a year to keep up.

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Some companies are selling their orders to other companies. My advice? sign up with as many companies as possible because you don’t know which one was hired to do the order

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You’re telling the truth

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long island is the same SLOW W LO BALL FEES…i work with only a few companies and I am as busy as i like
the Market has changed, ReFis and Helocs are far and few in between… Loan Mods are steady but slowing down…
and the lo ball fees are silly , I don’t bother accepting. I counter with appropriate fee but ,of course do not get assigned, nor do I want them from such a firm
I feel sorry for the new folks who thought they would make $100k…trying to feed a family out here.
I doubt you will hit that mark, the economic situation has changed.
that’s reality…I doubt ReFis will be near the total as last 2-3 years
or Helocs…
You may need to search another field for a proper income


refi and helocs died down Rates went up and its been 2-3 years of a bonanza
party pretty much over
companies lowered their Fee offers and people are taking anything
especially Newbies who don’t know the difference and were sold on making $100K /year.
Good Luck

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I agree. It’s just a little concerning to be sooooo busy and then nothing! The rates went up to 3.125, gas is up to $3.23, lumber ukp 83% and rents are up 23% at least here in Nashville. What’s keeping me a float is my rentals! Still going to hang on though as I do enjoy the job since 2006! Only the strong will survive and that sounds like you too!


Yes, Rising interest rates, period. The fed has 6 more rate increases up its sleeve within the next 2 years. Thanks Joe.
This is the time were you sign up with more companies.
Good luck.


Location, location. location. I spoke to a Notary in Maine this morning. She is very busy right now. She recently quitted her job to do this full time and loving it. I think it’s because she lives in between suburban and rural areas. Her fees are high too. For every 2-3 loans that people do out here in Colorado equals to her one closing!!! I told her to take what she can while her market is hot, keep her mouth shut🤫, don’t tell others of what she does for living because with all the internet/social sites eventually more people will find out about this job!!!
I also spoke to a couple title companies. And they both told me that they are seeing notaries re-relocating to different areas/states to get more assignments. So the problem here is that we are not only competing with the current notaries in our areas but we have to compete with the new relocators as well!

Life has been treating me good so far, I only have two or three Title Companies and a couple of SS giving me signings keeping me busy, all of them between $90.00 -$150.00’s, they know me and I know them so I do not haggle and I get these signings immediately, weather has been so cold here in Metro Denver, Glendale and Aurora, that I feel like a Eskimo in the Artic Circle, sometimes I have last minute signings that demand specific situations but I do not counter my fees, instead I ask for mor time to get organized and get the work done, I understand Title ans SS some times have issues with lenders and get behind schedule, but so far we are working with harmony, maybe other Notaries try to get advantage of situationes doubling their fees getting greedy jeopardizing future business with title companies and SS brokers…

I’ve been signed up with over 50 companies since 2006 and have closed 7800 loans since then and am also a Tenn RE Broker (don’t sell though). BTW…appreciate everyone chiming in on my post but just wondering if y’all can say what state you are in. Be interesting.

Also, anyone know how to beat the clock on these push notifications that come and go by the time you click on the order??? :thinking:

I’m in Highlands Ranch, Co

Are you strictly just doing loan closing or are you also doing loan origination or real estate selling as well? Just wondering….

Actually, there is no need to answer if you’re not comfortable with the question since I’ve asked three times, privately and publicly. I am quite sure that you are not the same Notary who’s family asked me once upon a time about what he should tell his son to charge for his signing because he was not getting what he should. I recalled telling him to tell the son who was also a mortgage loan officer and a realtor to charge at least $150. I am sure it wasn’t your family who asked me for help in deciding what fee to charge because you seem to demonize notaries who mention anything about negotiating for fee increase:). You are a saint:)

I’ve been in the mortgage industry since 1982. The market goes up and down. That is its nature.

Im in AZ and this week has been really really busy for me. As a newer LSA my realistic goal was one closing a day Monday -Friday… I made that a realistic goal as a start. I had 12 appointments all above $90 -$175. I am not expecting it to always be that way so I’m going to enjoy this ride no matter how long it last.


I’m not sure about the types of closing you’re doing in AZ. In Texas we’re seeing a large number of transplants from other parts of the country. This means I’m seeing an uptick in out of state seller closings coming my way. Real Estate is a bit fickle so don’t count on the feast to last long term.

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We get a few from Cali relocating too. But I am doing more refinances than anything here for the locals.