Dealt with SigningAgentASAP

Has anyone used Signing Agent ASAP I paid for their membership attempt to log in and there is a McAfee warning stating you may be at risk so they have my monies for membership no response.

Anyone let me know if you have had the same experience

File a complaint with the FTC. I received an email, (unsolicited by me), and immediately checked with the Florida Secretary of State for SIGNINGAGENTASAP’s business filing. Nothing at all listed for this company. Google the address that’s provided. The building has numerous suites, and that would be included for contact information. Also, there are virtual offices that allows a party to use the address although they might not physically be located at the address.

Checking into domain information can help to locate the originator of the domain, the IP address location (i.e., Tempe, AZ for, where they are originating from), as well as any other domain name registrations. Go to:, and The second site also offers a link to lookup all of the domains registered under Historic Registrant. It shows that the parent organization is American Directory Services, and there are numerous other It costs next to nothing to get a domain name and there is nothing required to make it legit.
List of domain names registred by American Directory Services
Domain Name Creation Date Registrar 2013-02-08 2013-08-17 2014-01-01 2015-10-28 2015-12-19 2015-12-19 2015-12-19

Sorry that you paid out money to this operation. They are out there, and will always be looking to get money for nothing.

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American Directory Services at Florida Departmenr of State (

Their domain is shutdown, the website doesn’t exist, The contact email doesn’t work, and the phone # is no good. I imagine they will resurface under another name.