Debt settlement fees

Soo I did a debt settlement the other day they offered $40, I counter-offered $80 and it was assigned to me. The companies paperwork said my fee was $125. How does that work?

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Usually that is the fee the signing service receives from the debt settlement company, but who knows, maybe they made a mistake in your favor. I don’t think any action is required.

Refinance offers now are ridiculous $ 65.00 and up for 300 pages average, now the trend are Debt Settlements average pay is $ 50.00-80.00 for only 50 pages w/scanbacks no copies to borrowers, and only two acknowledge notarizations, I know someone said that we are representing the Lawyers
and the people are vulnerable, but they already know and willing to proceed,so I do not have problem with that,let that be it!