Deed Signing?

I received a text from an out of state title company asking me if I am available for a deed signing tomorrow. I am not but I have questions in case it comes up again:

  1. Is this considered GNW?
  2. If not, what is the typical pay for this service?

Any information is greatly appreciated! TIA.

A deed is usually part of a loan signing, especially if it’s coming from a title company. If it’s from a signing service, probably $40-$50, considering its a one-three page doc. Or $85-$100 if it’s direct from title.

If it’s just a deed I’d charge my state approved notary fee ($10.00) plus a fee for travel and time. In my own county…$35-$50 depending on how far. Yes IMO this is GNW… I would ask for payment at the table

Also, keep in mind you need to clarify witness requirements…Florida requires two witnesses for any deed of conveyance, one of which can be the notary, which is allowed under our notary laws. Not sure where you are, or where the property is…property location will determine witness requirements for deeds.

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I am in NC so it worked out that I was not available.

I can only charge $5.00…no mileage, travel, nada.


Deed signings can also be part of Estate Planning, transferring Real Estate to another person. I’ve done several of these for folks as they begin circling the drain.