Deserving of Professional Treatment

To all Signing Agents: The Covic-19 Virus has created an enormous strain upon our profession and it has placed us at significant risk to the virus during every signing. To make matters worse, these signing companies are not taking our risk into consideration and want to pay us the same fee they paid before the virus. I have been a signing agents for over 9 years, and I have experienced low ball signing fees, delays of 30 to 45 days in receiving payments and even several months delays in being paid. I have also experienced last minute delivery of signing packages that left me little to no time to review. I have committed to signings and refused additional ones offered, only to be canceled at the last minute by the signing agency. I am never offered a fee for cancellations on their part, or losses of other signing offers that I could have secured. I have received signing packages that did not contained all of the required documents, leaving me to conclude that I had everything without being informed otherwise. I later discovered in that case the agency representative that downloaded the incomplete package, downloaded the remaining portion of the package 30 minutes later, without informing me. This specific incident resulted in me having to return to my office to obtain the remaining portion of the package. As Signing Agents, we are underpaid with many of us, if not all, receiving far less compensation than we deserve. Our expenses have increased and continues to do so. We must become organized and united in our efforts to be all treated fairly. We should set our own reasonable standards in fees and set them at reasonable and fair levels. If these agencies contact 10 signing agents, and they all demand the same fee, it will not be long before they will adjust and start paying that fee.

Signing Agents are capturing the largest market in signing real estate closing packages. United we have power. We can no longer accept the status quo of accepting what they offer us and/or being told “let me see if I can get it approved and I will call you back”. We should be stating to them: “let me see if I will accept this offer and I will call you back”. We conduct signings on the dates and time we are requested, and we shouldn’t have to wait more than a week to receive payment. I have come up with some ideas and strategies to increase our efforts to receive better fees for our services, and to be treated more professionally. I am encouraging those signing agents that support this cause to join me and in my efforts. I know and expect to receive negative feedback and criticism from other signing agent critics of this proposal. Believe me, not all signing agents will support our cause and they will come out of the woodwork with criticism against it. However, we cannot be deterred by those agents who accept unprofessional treatment.

We must start responding to these agencies like a bargaining union. Why would many (not all) signing agencies pay us what we deserve and expect when we are willing accept far less? Signing Agencies are deeply undercutting our signing fees. I was told by an attorney who conducts signings for her title company, that we should be paid $150.00 for a normal signing package. I have created a secured website on Facebook called S.A.P.O. (Signing Agents Professional Organization). Only verified Signing agents will be allowed on this site. Send me a text on MESSENGER with a copy of your CURRENT NNA Signing Agent certification. I will invite you to this secure website. YOU MUST BE A FACEBOOK USER TO JOIN. I welcome and hope to receive your suggestions, ideas, and comments in improving our efforts to be treated as professional. Your name and number will be kept CONFIDENTIAL to avoid being blackballed by signing agencies. I can be reached at 786-222-9288. If we all stick together, there will come a time when our fees will be based on our standard rates for the job that are being done, and not based on agencies being able to play us against each other for who will take the lowest fee. We are strong in numbers and throughout the country we are the primary closing representatives in the Real Estate market. We all have to be on the same accord for fees we agree to accept, and charge more when there are circumstances that make it appropriate.

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I responded to you on Notary Rotary but will also post here for reference for those who do not frequent that other site:

"One question - couple comments:

  1. “Send me a text on MESSENGER with a copy of your CURRENT NNA Signing Agent certification.” - why? What does this do for you in joining a FB group. NNA certification should not be a prerequisite to joining - many of us can do this job - and HAVE done this job - without NNA’s certification.

As for my comment, it goes to this:

“We all have to be on the same accord for fees we agree to accept, and charge more when there are circumstances that make it appropriate.”

COMMENT: Beware price-fixing."

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Send me some proof that you are a Notarized Signing agent. My efforts are to make sure that people that are not signing agents, infect this organization to identify and compromise those that are in the organization.

Say what??? I’m not sending you a thing, …


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Be aware - he is a signing service


WHAT!!!??? :scream_cat::scream_cat: Thank you Linda.

All I can say is WOW… unbelievable. Thanks Linda for the information!

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