Diamond Refunds

Please don’t accept any jobs from Diamond refunds without getting them to pay shipping and tracking of there unclaimed fund packages. About three weeks ago I accepted a job for Shloimy at Diamond refunds out of Monroe Ny. What he wants you to do is scan the package to him once you complete the job. He will also ask you to just mail the packing in the united states postal service so there’s on tracking of when he receives the package. Well after you scan him the packages he really received everything he needs. Then the really scam starts where he refuses to pay you because he has not received the united states postal mail. If you had any problems with this agency please post here and how you handled the problem. The guy is really scam artist.

That was your first mistake - not returning the package with some type of tracking, no matter what he tells you; yes he has everything you scanned - but his company may need to have original signatures on file.

Never return packages without tracking no matter what they say - add the postal charges to your invoice and let them reimburse you; OR let them supply you with FedEx, UPS or USPS shipping info - just let him (and anyone) know you are not dropping original docs anywhere without tracking.

How I’d handle it? Simply say “I don’t trust the mail here (which I don’t), too much gets lost too easily (which it does) - we need secure delivery so please send me a return shipment label. I’ll be happy to pay for certified mailing and add the cost to my invoice - please email me to confirm this arrangement is acceptable to you”.

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I just did a Google search on this company - NOTHING comes up - do you have any other info on this company?

AHH…P.S. - sorry - just did it again with city and state and it came up.

USPS provides a tracking for Priority Mail. Make sure you ask for it.