Did not take signing under $120 for 6 months

MI-What statw are you in?I get the $65 ones all day. $90-110 to drive 2-3 hrs!
I was making over 10k a month last year now-NOTHING! I cant do thise runs with gas at $5.39/gal.

I’m in Oklahoma. Signings are slow but haven’t stopped. I would not even consider a $65 signing unless it’s a One Doc signing within 15 minutes of my house. We are sitting at 4.49 in Oklahoma but I also use gas coupons Andy my local gas station. Please note I am part time so I’m pretty selective on what I accept. Good Luck with your business!

(AZ) 90$ for that length of drive?……no bueno

If the lady has a successful background she pretends to, she’ll be not doing this job. She should be smart enough to have her investments, or book of business and live a comfortable life. Something fishy here.

I wouldn’t say that…. Investment portfolio goes up and down and there is nothing wrong with having a little something in the side so that you don’t have to rely on the lack of income that the investment may generate. Maybe she want to get out and feel productive and meet people. Many people get or got into this business for various reasons…. IMO


Agreed. Some of us do this NSA job because we want to not because we have to which is better because we don’t come across as desperate and take whatever the low fees that come our way.

Gotta do what you gotta do. If you can swing it to come out positive, more power (and dollars) to you.

Truth! I’m on Long Island also and that is my experience.

I retired Dec 2021. I just couldn’t handle going in 9-5 anymore after 30 years in banking. and I am not yet old enough to draw out of my IRAs. I probably wouldn’t even if I could. I don’t have any debt, except for the mortgage, which my husband pays for. I really don’t need to cash out any of my investments, I have no expenses. I just need money to go hang out with my family and friends. I think this Notary thing is a super easy way to make some spending money. I’ve only been in banking for 30 years. Nothing fishy.
And yes, I’ve been thinking about going back to work, but still dread the commitment.

Yes. I am occasionally taking the $75 signing.

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I was in Banking too so I completely relate… but I have to let you know this business is not an easy business… but it is fun and can be especially with your banking background

I have my fees calculated by zip code. I calculated materials costs including overhead expenses, fuel and my hourly wage. Signings may vary from $100 for a few pages within 5 miles to 1.5 hour travel each way and fees go up to $175 to $200. Haven’t seen too many of the ridiculous 300 page pkgs anymore ~ most larger pkgs 130 pgs or less. Larger cities have purchased properties of small towns. Example I’m in Bremerton WA 98310 but there is also Bremerton WA 98312 that used to be Port Orchard so more miles involved. My zip code method works for me. :mask: