DNF Notary

Any have reviews on ENS as I’m waiting on payment from a signing I did for them back in February?

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Has anyone ever worked with DNF Notary?

ENS, DNF?? OMG, They’d better pay PDQ or there will be HTP. JMO



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If I ever open my own signing services company, think I’m going to name it PITA Signing Company, ask me why!

Because you’re gonna make a lot of bread???

No ask me what PITA stands for! :joy:

Hey, VIP — What does PITA stand for?

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PITA, stands for “Pain In The @$$” :grimacing:

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If ENS stands for Executive Notary Services, I like working with them. I’ve done a few signings for them and was always paid in less than 30 days.

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I always have to email them, then the next day they issue a check. ENS (Express Notary Services).