Do you charge taxes on your invoices?

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I don’t do this but I am wondering if I should be? Do you charge taxes on your personal invoices?

If you do, you must then remit the taxes charged to taxing authorities (city, county, state). So, no.
Sorta like attorneys don’t charge tax on their bills.


In Washington State, no. It’s a service and I do not collect tax separately. I charge a flat rate based on the assignment requirements.

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Depends on the region you work in. In my township in PA, anybody doing business needs a business license and pay income tax. As well as for the state and federal. Not doing so is tax evasion and not smart. So no the fees offered by title/signing agencies are all you can charge. That is why doing refi’s for $50 makes you earn less than someone flipping burgers.

Income tax is not Sales tax.

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I meant sales tax, paid quarterly.

That’s not sales tax you’re paying quarterly - that’s your federal taxes

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I don’t because we provide a service not tangle items. Usually taxes are collected and then you provide those taxes to the state/government whoever.