Doc package formatting issues... printing "actual size" vs "fit"

I have a Brother HL-L8360CDWT dual-tray laser printer.

Almost all of the edocs I’ve received so far include instructions to print the documents as “actual size” (in Adobe print settings).

The issue is, some of the pages in these packages have text and/or barcodes that extend almost to the very edge of the page. When printed “actual size”, they get cut off a bit. Since these are PDFs, I can’t edit the margins of the document.

Has anyone else experienced this issue before? Is there a way to change the margins on the printer itself or in the printer driver? Or is this a formatting issue that needs to be corrected by the title company?


I have had the same problem. I have a brother printer and I had changed the setting to “fit to page”. Font is slightly small but the bar codes and page #s are all there. Never had a complaint from a lender since then.


I see I’m not the only with such issue. Agreed with @chrisparreira_mobile “fit to page” is the solution, but sometimes I worry that someone might complain because of the small fonts.


I have a Brother and I always have to do “fit to page”. I don’t see a noticeable font reduction. I waste more paper when I follow lender printing instructions to print “actual size”. You have to know your printer.


I have spent almost 2 years on the phone with Brother and Adobe. This is an Adobe issue. The work around is: select all, rotate the docs 180 and then print. (I have 2 Brother printers, one is the same model of yours, the other is 6200dwt)


I recently bought a Brother HL-L6400DWT, dual tray, and can’t have it to function mixed size papers. Last week I called Brother but was on the phone for too long.

I have had the same problem, but I figured out the fit vs actual myself, but what I have not figured out is how to get the printer to change paper trays automatically. I have a Brother MFC 8900CDW with two trays one with 11" and one with 14" paper. Any tricks

Same here! This is my biggest concern, because many times the instructions specifically say to print “Actual Size”. When I test out “Fit”, most of the time the font ends up much smaller. Last time this happened, I reached out to title four days before the closing to ask how they would like me to proceed with printing and they never responded. I tried :upside_down_face:

Wish I could help! I haven’t figured out a fix for this one yet, either. Some folks here say that it’s a Mac problem. I’m hesitant to buy another computer just to print docs but it might come down to that…

Well, a Mac is what I have. I’ll just keep on printing in batches. I have been a Mac guy since my Mac Plus days, to old to change now.

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This is not a mac issue. I have an HP m404dw and I was having the same problem. I called HP for help and the orignal driver that was downloaded wasn’t allowing this feature to work. The tech had me install another printer profile and it worked for that. I would call the techs and let them fix it for you.


BTW, I use a Mac too

Use fit to page. I’ve used it for years and have never had a complaint.

I use a windows computer and my two Brothers print legal and letter perfectly. You have to setup in preferences the tray size.

Mac users is a little more complicated but it can work. Let me see if I can find the instructions and test with my mac.

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You need to go to your printer properties settings. Tab to Device Settings and add the tray 2 for legal size

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I have a Mac as well. The work-around that works for me (in addition to rotating the pages 180 degrees) is to change custom scale to 98%. You will not really notice any font-size difference and everything fits on the page - including bar codes.


I’ve had that issue with “faxed copies” that appear at the end of refi packets and some CD’s. For issues with the CD, I reduce the size to 95%. Sometimes the faxed copies have to be reduced to 85%. I have the Brother HL-L6200DWT printer.

If you are using Max->Acrobat->Brother and you’re having trouble getting the printer to automatically use the correct paper size, reach out to me. I wrote a procedure to solve that problem. I also have a solution to the top/bottom cut-off problem that occurs when printing in large batches.

But if you’re trying to figure out this fit-vs-actual problem, the first thing to do is open the file in Acrobat and look at the page there. If it’s impinging on the margin in Acrobat it will definitely impinge on the margins when it’s printed. The simple fact is that they’ve made it too large for the page. This is not your problem. It’s theirs. How would you react if the document was written in Russian but they wanted it printed in English? This is the same thing. If they tell you to print it in actual size, then print it in actual size. If half the bar code is cut off, so be it. It’s still readable. You can’t make it fit without shrinking it.

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Likewise i leave my printer on “fit”. No problems.

Hello John, I’m using a Macbook Air and I have a Brother L6200DW with a second tray for legal. I actually purchased a PDF program(SmallPDF Pro) to print my docs since I have such a horrible time with Adobe Acrobat not working. What Script have you used to get this to work? I’ve spent time on the phone with Adobe and with Brother installing Drivers and updating printer settings and it has not worked for me.

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