Document collection

I received the signing today from a SS yet it sounds a little fishy. It’s a reverse mortgage (document collection only). The center is difficult to get in contact with and does not return phone calls, is what I’ve been told. I, the notary am to tell the signer they need to provide these documents to keep their Loan in compliance. Isn’t this out of the scope of acting as a notary?

I’ve handled these types of activities. There is no Notary activity, just document retrieval. When you call to confirm be gentile and tactful as the signers may not have been notified or understand ‘why’ you’re coming.

Document retrieval is a service I offer to legal firms and insurance companies. I bill according to travel that I set by the hour, not mileage. If your sitting in traffic burning fuel, you’re loosing money. If you bill by the hour, you’re getting paid for waiting in a traffic jam.

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