Documents that each industry needs GNW

Hi all, is there a book or a post somewhere that lists the different types of documents by industry that need notarization?
Not loan documents, just GNW.

I am not interested in forms pertaining to loan signing.


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:thinking: hmmm… that is a very good question:). You just gave me a good business idea! Put together a one stop shop for notaries to target businesses who need notarization:)

As far as Loan documents, the NNA has an advance information book " The Notary Signing Agents Loan Document sourcebook"

Shh, they will hear you.

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It is good to research to get a “general” idea on what forms are in a particular transaction/package. Unfortunately, there are no universal standards on forms outside of tax forms and the application itself. Different lenders/title companies will use their own variation of most forms to satisfy the package content requirements (in addition to their own in-house forms), so I recommend while doing your research, not to “train your mind” to look for particular forms while doing a signing. Not to mention, there is no universal standard in a particular transaction either. Meaning, a REFI is not the same across the board. Borrower’s may have unique situations and circumstances requiring additional (or even less forms) compared to what they tell you to look for in a class or book. This is why a good portion of lenders/title companies offer in house training to their signing agents who they conduct business with. Hope this helps!